10 of Villanelle's Best Accents on 'Killing Eve'

One of our favorite things about Jodie Comer's award-winning performance as Villanelle is her mastery of accents. The fact that Comer's international assassin can slip into different accents depending on where she is and who she's with, only makes her more deadly and intriguing. With the fourth and final season of Killing Eve concluding Sunday (April 10) on BBC America, here's a reminder of 10 accents she absolutely nailed. 
1. English
Villanelle adopts a crisp middle-class English accent in season two while hiding with creepy Julian (Julian Barratt). Comer hails from Liverpool in northern England, but this accent is definitely giving off southern England vibes.

2. Posh English
When she wants to be even more imposing, Villanelle can take her English accent into upper-class territory. This memorable scene set in a swanky perfume shop is a case in point. Villanelle says "I want to smell powerful," but there's no doubt she already sounds that way.

3. German
In season one, when Villanelle meets Eve's coworker Bill (David Haig) on the Berlin U-Bahn, she offers him a few words in German. The way she pronounces "München" is absolutely spot-on.

4. Australian and 5. New York
In this brilliant season two clip, Villanelle flits effortlessly between four different accents: her native Russian, middle-class English, Australian, and a New York twang she describes as "really, really, really annoying." We agree with Eve, though: her New York accent is actually quite nice.

6. Scottish
The game of golf originated in Scotland, so when Villanelle and Dasha (Harriet Walter) tee up in season three, there's only one accent that suits the occasion. We'd love to see more of Villanelle in posh Scottish mode, actually.

7. Spanish
During her season three stint in Barcelona, we hear Villanelle utter a few sentences of Catalan. Spoken by around nine million people worldwide, it's a co-official language in several regions of Spain.

8. Italian
During an appearance on The Graham Norton Show, Comer revealed that Italian is her favorite accent to do on Killing Eve, because she finds it the easiest. She definitely has the language's musical quality down.

9. French
Of course Villanelle can speak French! And frankly, it's the very least she can do given that gorgeous Paris apartment she has in season one.

10. Russian
There is no way we'd forget Villanelle's mother tongue, which she uses to deliver some of her most cutting put-downs. The way she spits out the word "pathetic" in this clip is priceless.

Do you have a favorite Villanelle accent?