Unearthed Civil War Speeches: Brother to Brother

Read a speech written by General Brendan Donovan during his tour as a brigadier general in the Union Army. AA_copper_letter_03 Gentlemen. I know you are tired, weary  Our feet ache, blistered. Our stomachs yearn for something more satisfying than hard tack and desiccated vegetables. Sleep is a commodity in short supply, almost as much as bath powder  with the only item more desired being Lieutenant Wilson's supply of home-stilled liquor... Yet, through all our pains, we continue to grow stronger endure. Against all odds, we push forward in the midst of such madness. How? It is at this point where my superiors expected me to suggest that our communal drive stems solely from a sense of duty. To our country. Our nation. And while that may be true - on occasion - as I've come to learn I suspect the realities are much more varied: a paycheck... revenge... fidelity. As a young soldier, I learned an important invaluable lesson from my commanding officer: the motivations for our drive matters not.  Whatever fuel fills the engine in your belly chest: cultivate it. Rely on it. Consume it in massive quantities.  For that flame will often likely be the only force keeping one foot in front of the other.  It will keep and sustain you throughout the trying times ahead. When those times arrive, we will, each of us, be forced to lean upon one another. Brother to brother. And so, until those days arrive, I simply ask two things of you: Keep your eyes ahead, free of distraction. Tend to the fires in your chest.  Do this, and victory will be ours.   Don’t miss Donal Logue as General Brendan Donovan, Sundays at 10/9c on the all-new season of 'Copper.'