Unearthed Civil War Letters: My Darling Caoilinn

Read a letter from General Brendan Donovan to his wife, written during his tour as a brigadier general in the Union Army.   AA_copper_letter_02 Friday Eve My Darling Caoilinn, I write to you from my tent, unable to sleep as the wind howls through camp, canvas flapping and echoing, and so, here I sit, scribbling into my portfolio. I trust life in New York continues at it's usual pace. I miss you and the family terribly. Did you stop by so and so's place this week?  After losing Rebecca, I worry for her. Company should help. Daughter's birthday is coming soon. It pains me to be away, and so I hope she understands. With any luck, Anna’s constant pestering of her suddenly older sister should aid. Their Da misses them very much. We are moving within the week. Write soon. Reading your words provides a balm for my loneliness. Your loving husband.   Don't miss Brendan Donovan’s official introduction to Five Points in the season premiere of ‘Copper,’ airing this Sunday, June 23 at 10/9c, only on BBC America.