Tom Ellis Heads into the Final Season of 'Lucifer' With New Trailer

(Photo: Getty Images)

We we were first introduced to Tom Ellis in the comedy Miranda (2009-2015), starring opposite Miranda Hart as her love interest Gary. Since 2016, he's taken on the title role in the fantasy drama Lucifer, based off of Neil Gaiman's character and comic book series.

The series follows Lucifer Morningstar, who no longer wants to work in Hell and instead moves to L.A. He opens up a nightclub, and when he becomes involved in a murder investigation, he helps solve the crime. From there, he's called on as a consultant for the LAPD.

He has the ability to get people to reveal their inner thoughts, which comes in handy when looking for whodunits.

Lucifer is heading into its sixth and final season, premiering on September 10 over at Netflix, reports 

Since seeing him last, Lucifer was asked to take over his father's responsibilities, aka God, leaving Earth unattended.

In the new trailer, Lucifer struggles with his new role and the impending apocalypse:

In addition to Ellis, we can also look for Lauren German, Lesley-Ann Brandt, D.B. Woodside, Rachel Harris, Scarlett Estevez, Aimee Garcia, Inbar LaviKevin AlejandroBrianna Hildebrand and Merrin Dungey.

If you'd like to catch-up on the earlier seasons, all five are available via Netflix. 

Are you up for more of Tom Ellis as the Devil?