Tatiana Maslany's First Role Since 'Orphan Black' in 'Stronger': 'There's a Pressure to Get It Right'

The film Stronger, in theaters today (September 22), tells the story of 2013 Boston Marathon spectator, Jeff Bauman, who lost both his legs when two bombs exploded. He was one of many victims; just a regular guy, cheering on his girlfriend...

Anglophenia's Sharon Carpenter had a chance to check in with the real life Bauman — and Jake Gyllenhaal, who portrays him in the film — at the NYC premiere.

She also chatted with BBC America's Tatiana Maslany about her first role since Orphan Black's finale. She plays Erin Hurley, Bauman's then girlfriend, now wife, who wrote a memoir about their story.

Maslany talks about the difference between playing ten plus fictional characters on OB and tackling the depiction of one real individual, saying, "I think just the responsibility of playing a real-life character is immense, there’s a pressure to get it right and to be authentic in that. That’s also a great privilege.”

And, it sounds like she got it spot on. Director David Gordon Green talks about why he was drawn to Maslany, knowing she would get the job done right: "She can create a character. Disappear into a look, a mannerism, an expression… and, that’s why we wanted her for this. To embrace the character and strength of Erin Hurley and be able to go toe-to-toe with Jake Gyllenhaal."

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Maslany didn't just get the role; she had to wrap her head around what happened and how Jeff and Erin handled themselves, saying, "The immense strength that it takes to go through something like this. And, to be very human in it. That's the thing, these people aren't heroes. They are regular people, who something happened to."

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Maslanyl talked about working with Gyllenhaal, and the process of portraying Jeff and Erin's story, saying, "There is no better actor out there. He's just incredible. Every day on set, there was so much that we were digging through, and trying to mine in these small moments between Erin and Jeff; he's pushing her away or needing her deeply. And, she's doing the same to him."

This powerful story, that celebrates human resilience and strength, is in theaters today, September 22.

Are you going to see the film Stronger? If so, please let us know your reactions.