Stephen Fry's Semi-Autobiographical Novel 'The Liar' Is Being Adapted into a Movie

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Stephen Fry has written a novel, which is semi-autobiographical, called The Liar. Ooh, that doesn't sound good, to be lied to.

Fry has been working on getting the novel to screen for over a decade now, and now it's finally happening — a movie adaptation is in the works!

Asa Butterfield is already signed on to play the role of the lead protagonist, with Jeff Goldblum just joining, according to Empire online. 

You may know Butterfield from films like 2011's Hugo and 2013's Ender's Game, or from the TV series Sex Education. In The Liar, Butterfield is set to take on the role of a young man named Adrian Healey. Healey is a student at Cambridge University, and while the story is set on a campus, it's actually a spy thriller.

According to the description, Healey has a professor, who may or may not be a spy. And, may or not be recruiting Healey.

While that's a lot of maybes, we do know for sure that Goldblum will play the professor.

The novel is an LGBTQ+ coming-of-age story, with Healey described as reckless and irreverent.

With this being semi-autobiographical, it makes us wonder, which bits are true and which bits are fiction?

Fry did go to Cambridge, so that may be a starting off point...

Speaking of Fry, he released a comment, filled with glee, about Goldblum joining the production, saying, "“I hiccupped with delight when I heard that Jeff Goldblum had accepted the role of Donald Trefusis. That uniquely perfect mixture of authority, eccentricity, intelligence, humor and charm is just what the character calls for... hurrah!"

Hurrah is right. We love it when Goldblum pops up on the screen, like in re-runs of Law and Order: Criminal Intent. Or, to revisit memorable roles like in 1986's The Fly and the Jurassic franchise, which he will be returning to for 2022's Jurassic World: Dominion.

While The Liar is in the works, you can have a catch-up with Fry, re-watching the quiz show Qi (2003-2016), that he hosts.

Are you going to take a peek at Stephen Fry's novel before it's made into a movie?