Sacha Baron Cohen Stars in the First Official Trailer for 'The Spy': 'I Don't Want to Go Back'

Sacha Baron Cohen is set to star in the title role of the six-part Netflix series The Spy. We're so used to seeing Cohen goofing around (Borat), he's almost unrecognizable in the first look trailer as a very serious man.

If this story is new to you, the series is inspired by Eli Cohen’s life as a Mossad agent, working on behalf of the Israeli Intelligence Community. In the 1960s, Cohen went undercover to get close to Syrian military officials and their wealthy, connected friends.

In the just released trailer (August 28) we see how this plan came about:

Cohen was sent in to earn the group of influencers' trust and become close enough friends to learn about anti-Israel initiatives. But, once he was accepted by this elite group, he didn't necessarily want to return to his former life. We hear him in the above clip saying, "I don't want to go back." It's not clear who he is speaking to, but we can guess that it's not his wife, because when asked about him, she hadn't seen him in eleven months.

The series is created and written by Gideon Raff. His Israeli series Prisoners of War was the basis for Homeland. You can look for The Spy on September 6.

Are you liking this new side of Sacha Baron Cohen?