Play-By-Play of ‘Killing Eve’ Season 4, Ep. 7: Villanelle Has an Assassin Friend, Carolyn Makes a Deal with Vlad, Eve Second Guesses Her Life Choices

(Photo: BBC America) Killing Eve episode seven just premiered. It’s hard to believe that we are now heading into the finale, but we’re not there just yet. If you’ve been keeping up on the current season, you’ll know that French assassin Hélène had her hand in the others’ objectives — including Eve, Villanelle, Konstantin, and Carolyn — but in episode six, she met her demise. Now that Hélène is out of the picture, it opens up a lot of space for movement. That’s where we are now, picking up with the lead characters and their plans for moving forward. Let’s go back, scene-through-scene, and explore the reactions they incite (at least, on this end). If you haven’t watched the episode yet, please know, this is topped-up with spoilers. If you’re not concerned, carry on, as it may prepare you for what’s to come. Let’s get to it: Villanelle is hanging out with her new assassin friend, who goes by Gunn. Villanelle went to find her in Scotland, they fought it out but ended up hitting it off. Gunn's methods are just as violent as Villanelle's. She fileted a man while he was still alive…. for fishing on her pond.
Reaction: We don't want to get on her bad side.
Eve has pressed the reset button. We see her strutting down the street, dressed in a refined suit, looking polished and confident. A few minutes later, we find out, she’s undercover as an assistant, doubling as security. While she may be working on behalf of someone else, she still presents herself like a boss.
Reaction: She threw us off there for a second. 
Eve goes to see her colleague Yusuf. He was able to unlock Hélène’s phone, giving Eve a pep talk, saying, “You don’t need this. You completed the mission.” Eve asks, “Now that Hélène is dead, now what?” He responds with a poignant answer, “Now you have to find a new ordinary. The old one isn’t going to fit.”
Reaction: Wow, those are some sound words.

Eve and Yusuf blow off some steam at a karaoke bar. The two dance, sing and sip on their drinks. As Eve sings her heart out, we see Niko, Bill, and Elena, who are no longer in her life. The memories of better times brings her singing to a close. An emotional Eve runs out of the room, going outside to get some air.
Reaction: Aw, her sadness makes us sad.
Yusuf, being a good friend, follows her. Eve comes clean, expressing her concerns, pleading with him, “I think I made a mistake. All of it. I can’t stop thinking… what if it was all a mistake?” He advises her, “Don’t torture yourself. It’s going to get better. You need to find a part of your life that you can bear.”
Reaction: It’s good advice. But, how will she do that? That’s the hard part to figure out.

Eve needs to make a choice: does she want to stay in a state of trauma or move on. She says to Yusuf, “What if I don’t want to?” Yusuf has her best interest in mind, and with that, he decides it’s best for him to leave. He thinks he’s standing in her way, ending it with, “Take care, Eve.”
Reaction: Maybe that’s it? Eve is asking him what do instead of asking herself. She knows what’s right.

Konstantin is taking a nap. He’s woken up by a phone call, and it turns out to be his daughter. She had been hospitalized, but she’s been discharged. She's not happy with her father for leaving her there. He says, “I was trying to help you.” She doesn’t agree. She thinks Villanelle always comes first.
Reaction: Konstantin is tough, but like any father, his daughter breaks him.
Carolyn is reading a book in a hotel lobby. She exchanges small talk with a fellow guest, which is interrupted by Vlad’s arrival. We learn why she’s really there. She suggests lunch, saying, “I hear the Wienerschnitzel is good.”
Reaction: We don’t think this is a social visit.
Konstantin and Pam have a check-in. She can tell something is off, saying, “What’s wrong with you?” He bluntly replies, “I’m fine.” When someone says they’re fine, they’re not fine. She calls him out, refuting his claim, “You don’t look fine.” Pam is there to work. But, Konstantin’s mind is somewhere else.
Reaction: The student has become the teacher.

Vlad is not happy with Carolyn and he makes it known. He considers her actions an act of betrayal and she's now completely alone. She believes the gentleman in the lobby is an assassin and was sent to kill her. Carolyn is under threat but still capable of carrying out the conversation with Vlad.
Reaction: He switches gears pretty quickly, saying, “You always were the very best.”
arolyn goes over what she’s found out about The 12. That most of the members are deceased or civilians. She had discovered Lars, but he's now deceased. In his notebook, she learned of previous meetings and current meeting spots. She suggests Vlad takes the assassin in the lobby back to Russia with him, instead of her, and she’s free to return to London to “face what needs to be faced.”
Reaction: He doesn’t come out and verbally agree, but based on his body language he seems to concur.
Villanelle and Gunn go hunting for boars. Villanelle isn’t really into it but goes along with things.
Reaction: The two have a lot in common, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they are like-minded.
Eve is STRESSED. She seeks help from her friend, who is a therapist, inviting him over. We see her tapping her foot rapidly, nervously fiddling with her fingers. Eve goes over what she used to be, married. And what she used to do, like having "normal" interests. Now, she doesn’t care about people or doing things. Now, she’s a killer with no remorse.
Reaction: Eve is driven by wants. The want to get rid of Villanelle. The want to kill Lars.
Eve has run out of good wants. She’s not only lost in life, she’s lost herself. Her friend advises her to go to the people who love her and know her.
Reaction: Who is that? Our first thought is… Villanelle.
Villanelle is deep in thought, asking Gunn, “Do you get lonely here?” She doesn’t. She has her animals, and she thinks of them as good company vs. humans, who are dreadful. Villanelle takes a swig of her moonshine. Gunn explains she wanted Hélène dead because she was using her.
Reaction: Villanelle is lonely, but we think she’s bored on top of that. The moonshine might help.
Eve dismantles her evidence board. And then goes to see Konstantin. She starts off by saying, “Sorry about your hand.” He lets her into his hotel room. Eve shows him a picture of a bird, which has come through on Hélène’s phone. Apparently, the bird represents a meeting for The 12.
Reaction: It seems Eve has run out of close friends and Konstantin is the next best thing.
Pam is taking a break from assassinating. She hops in the food truck with her friend from the carnival. Konstantin finds her there. He’d like to speak to her, but she’s too busy serving food. He’s accommodating and agrees to meet with her later.
Reaction: It’s nice Pam is hanging with a peer, but she could lose her focus.
Carolyn is heading back to London. Eve is at the airport. Villanelle and Gunn are smooching. Konstantin is drinking and dancing.
Reaction: Everyone is getting busy.
Pam interrupts Konstantin’s dance party, showing up with a pizza. He’s packed her bag. He wants her to leave in an attempt to protect her. He thinks she’s better than this life. It’s not just Pam, he plans to go with her. He’s a little drunk, saying, “I’m celebrating our adventure.”
Reaction: His celebrating started too soon…
Pam goes to him, embraces him, hugging him warmly, saying, “I will always be grateful to you for helping me start a new life.” The life of a killer. She doesn’t even pull back from him, while still hugging him, she slices at him with a pizza cutter. He tries to fight back, with her striking a second time.
Reaction: It makes us angry that Pam is so ungrateful and turned on him so easily.
Konstantin falls to the ground but is able to utter, “Hélène?” Which Pam confirms, “Yeah.” He explains to her, “Hélène is dead. You didn’t have to do this Pam.”
Reaction: WHY does everyone listen to Hélène?! Just because she says (now, said) to do something, it doesn’t mean the person has to do it.
Pam runs to Konstantin. She tries to stop the bleeding. He tells her to stop. His last dying words are, “I have a letter in my bag. Bring it to Carolyn Martens for me. And tell her, I always loved her.” He then says to Pam, “I am so proud of you.”
Reaction: Pam!!! We are just shaking our head in disbelief. She ends his pain with a final slash to the throat.
Eve is on a motorized boat. It looks like the same pond that Villanelle crossed to get to Gunn.
Reaction: There’s power in numbers. She was advised not to go this alone.
Speaking of boats, Gunn broke down Villanelle’s boat for firewood. That’s how Villanelle got there. Without a boat, how will she get back? It seems like Gunn wants to keep her, saying, “This is your new home now Villanelle.”
Reaction: Villanelle did ask to stay there with her. But, we have a feeling, she’s going to change her mind.
Gunn leans and takes a sniff of Villanelle’s hair. And then kisses her on the head. Villanelle is clearly annoyed by this. Her facial expressions are beyond humorous, reacting to the smothering. She stands up, announces her exit, “I’m leaving. I’m done with them (The 12). I’m going to kill as many of them as I can.”
Reaction: That didn’t take long (for her to change her mind).
Gunn relies on The 12 to support her lifestyle. If Villanelle threatens The 12, she threatens Gunn. She blocks Villanelle from getting her belongings, and then threatens to rip her apart. Villanelle snaps back, “If you can catch me.” Gunn says to herself, “Here we go.”
Reaction: Funny, we just said the same thing, “Here we go.” A chase!

Eve is on the island. She has no fear... and no idea of what she’s walking into.
Reaction: She’s about to find out.
Villanelle sprints through the woods, with Gunn close behind. At the same time, Eve is making her way through the woods, walking into Gunn’s line of sight. Gunn just grunts at the sight of her. Umm, yeah, Eve turns and runs in the other direction. Gunn catches up with her, tackles her to the ground, and…
We are left on this cliffhanger. Looking back, there are a few cliffhangers with each characters’ story arc in this episode. We last saw Carolyn with her luggage getting into a car, Pam sitting at the pier alone, and Villanelle crouched in the woods.
That's it for now, we'll see you here next week for episode eight.
What are your reactions!?