Play-By-Play of ‘Killing Eve’ Season 4, Ep. 6: Villanelle Is in Recovery, Carolyn Searches for a Name, Eve Wants Answers

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We’ve seen five episodes of Killing Eve with the sixth just premiering. As the countdown to the finale begins, let’s do a tally of what we’ve seen so far.
The season kicked off with Eve, Villanelle, Carolyn, and Konstantin all doing their own thing. But as the season has been progressing, Eve and Carolyn are working toward the same mission, to take down The 12. Villanelle is working on herself and is on a mission to win back Eve’s trust. Konstantin is back to working as a handler, grooming an assassin in training, named Pam. His mission is to keep it together.
Now that we’re nearing the end of the final season, there’s even more to have a catch-up on.
You can watch the full premiere episode on BBC America here.
Let’s go back, scene-through-scene, and explore the reactions they incite (at least, on our end).
If you haven’t watched the episode yet, please know, this is topped-up with spoilers. If you’re not concerned, carry on, as it may prepare you for what’s to come.
Let’s get to it:
Villanelle is laying on her stomach with an arrow in her back. Eve and Konstantin are arguing over what to do, but Pam is on it. Her training working in a morgue comes in handy. While not technically a surgeon, she has the confidence to remove the arrow without causing too much damage.
Reaction: Maybe Pam will get the respect she deserves.
Carolyn is in Brandenburg, Berlin. She’s tracked down Lars. She’s there to warn him that someone is coming for him. He doesn’t believe a word she says. Carolyn follows up with a deal: if he tells her who ordered Kenny’s death, she’ll tell him who's after him. Even so, she's still not getting through to him.
Reaction: Lars hasn’t changed since his younger days. He’s blinded by his own personal agenda. 
The squabbling continues. Eve thinks Hélène ordered the attack on Villanelle to get to her. Villanelle thinks Hélène ordered the attack to get back at her. Konstantin thinks it’s both.
Reaction: We’re seeing a team breakdown here.
Lars challenges Carolyn, saying, “Can I be trusted?” She gives up the name, which is Hélène. The two agree on a plan. Lars will set up a meeting with Hélène, but Carolyn will show up in his place. She’s expected to find out why Hélène is after Lars, and in return he’ll reveal who ordered Kenny’s death.
Reaction: There's no way of knowing if he can be trusted, he said it himself.
Villanelle rests, with Eve by her bedside. As she starts to wake up, Eve goes to her. She tries to help her get dressed, but Villanelle declines the offer. Villanelle struggles but insists on doing it herself.
Reaction: Eve is angry with Villanelle. Eve is disappointed in Villanelle. But she still cares about Villanelle.
Villanelle addresses the elephant in the room, saying, "You got me arrested.” With Eve replying, “I thought locking you away would be good for me.” The topic switches back to Hélène, that she’s going to try and kill Villanelle again. On that note, Villanelle decides to leave.
Reaction: Villanelle isn’t one to run away from a problem. We have a feeling she has her own plan.
Konstantin talks to Pam about her first hit, that Hélène thinks she’s ready. Konstantin warns Pam that she can end up like Villanelle. She pushes back, saying, “No. She doesn’t follow rules.”
Reaction: Pam seems to have her head on straight.
Eve follows Villanelle, catching up with her on the boardwalk. She says to her, “I thought I lost you there for a minute. I didn’t like it.” She tries to reconcile with Villanelle and join forces. She believes Carolyn may be the head of The 12. Villanelle isn’t having it, shouting at her, “Eve. Just go!”
Reaction: Villanelle doesn’t just have abandonment issues, she holds grudges.
Villanelle finally gets some alone time. She is clearly struggling. A bystander notices, asks if she’s okay, then offers her pain killers. When Villanelle goes to open the package, she realizes there’s a note inside, reading, “H wants you dead, I don’t,” followed by an address in Berlin.
Reaction: This seems to have lifted Villanelle’s spirits.
Pam is back in London, on her first assignment. Apparently, her mark is Fernanda, Hélène’ s ex-lover. Remember, that was a faux relationship used to get to Fernanda’s ex-husband, who was believed to be involved with The 12. Fernanda is promoting a sandwich shop and Pam joins in, passing out fliers.
Reaction: Aw man, we like Fernanda.
Fernanda goes out of her way to welcome Pam. Pam is conflicted, calling Konstantin, saying, “Are you sure she’s the right person? She’s… nice. Do you know what she’s done wrong?” He advises her, not to ask, not to think, just to do. Pam is left with a decision, whether to walk away now or to kill her.
Reaction: Having a conscious may get in her way.
Carolyn goes to meet Hélène. And, Hélène looks annoyed. She moves past it, asking Carolyn, “Are you one of us?” In true Carolyn fashion, she avoids the question by switching topics. After some chit chat, Hélène reveals her intentions. She wants the name of Lars’ superior. Carolyn gets up to leave.
Reaction: Hélène asked a question that may not be answerable.
Pam makes her way back to the sandwich shop. She asks Fernanda to speak privately. Pam gets her alone and her plan is to kill her with a syringe of poison. But Fernanda is strong. The two end up on the ground wrestling. It appears Fernanda might get away, but ultimately Pam overpowers her.
Reaction: Pam says some kind words as Fernanda passes away. She may not be cut out for this.
Carolyn makes her way back to Lars’ cabin. But he won’t give her a name.
Reaction: This may be another question that isn’t answerable.
Konstantin and Pam have a check-in, following her first assignment. Konstantin is confused why Pam wants to do this line of work. He points out, it’s typically people who have no other options. Pam gives credit to Hélène, saying she was the first person who believed in her. Plus, she thinks she could be good at it.
Reaction: It’s like Konstantin is trying to talk her out of this.
Hélène is back at her hotel. And so is Villanelle. But Hélène has no idea, with Villanelle under the bed. Villanelle looks very pleased with herself, excitedly smirking. She’s about to slash the back of Hélène’s ankles, but then there's a knock at the door. And… it’s Eve. Now, it’s a party.
Reaction: Hélène is always a step ahead. Not this time.
Eve wants to know what Carolyn had to say. But Hélène isn’t going to give it up that easy. She makes fun of Villanelle, saying, “I hear Villanelle had a lucky escape. What a relief!” Psychopaths don’t like to be called psychopaths. Psychopaths don’t like to be made fun of, either. With that said, Villanelle strikes.
Reaction: Hélène is her own worst enemy, getting too cocky. 
Villanelle slashes the back of Hélène’s ankles. She's completely caught off guard, jumping up startled and in pain. That’s not enough to kill her, but it does get her attention. Villanelle kicks her to the ground, gets on top of her, slitting her throat. Eve puts her hands up to her face in shock.
Reaction: That was a pretty quick kill. Probably best, with Hélène being a trained assassin herself.
With Hélène out of the picture, Eve tracks Carolyn. She goes to the taxi dispatch, and after flashing some cash, the driver is willing to give Eve the address of where Carolyn was dropped off. Eve heads to Lars’ cabin in the woods. Carolyn spots her, shooing her away. Instead, Eve keeps walking toward her.
Reaction: It seems Carolyn is looking out for Eve.
The two exchange words in the woods. Eve thinks Carolyn has been a member of The 12 since the beginning. Carolyn says she was infiltrating the group of revolutionaries. Eve keeps interrupting her, so Carolyn isn’t able to fully explain. She’s had enough and tells Eve to back off, she’s causing problems.
Reaction: Eve is respectful of her wishes, giving her some space.  
That’s until… Eve busts into the cabin, shooting Lars in the shoulder. And then delivers a second shot to the head, killing him. Eve then leaves without saying a word to Carolyn.
Reaction: We feel bad for Carolyn, she was getting somewhere.
Carolyn picks the dead man’s pockets and finds an address book.
Reaction: Maybe she will find the name after all.
Villanelle is on a row boat, heading to an island in Scotland. She tracks the woman who gave her the pain killers with the note inside. The two go to blows, engaging in hand-to-hand combat, ultimately falling off a ledge and the two women breaking into laughter. Villanelle says, “Can I stay here?”
Reaction: She is still looking for someone to look after her.

Hélène has been the one keeping this group together, with all strings attached leading back to her. Now that she’s done, it seems we’re back at zero. That Carolyn, Eve, and Villanelle are pursuing their own initiatives. Of course, Konstantin is busy with Pam, but Hélène was the one giving out the directives.
That's it for now, we'll see you here next week for episode seven.
What are your reactions!?