Play-By-Play of ‘Killing Eve’ Season 4, Ep. 5: Carolyn Revisits the Past, Pam Advances in Her Assassin Training, Villanelle Is Killing for Sport

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We’ve passed the halfway mark of the new season of Killing Eve and are now heading into the final stretch. The group we’ve been following since 2018 disassembled by the end of season three and have now come back together (sort of).
Konstantin has paired up with assassin-in-training Pam. Villanelle planned to kill Carolyn, but instead the two created an alliance. Eve is one half of an odd couple with Hélène, Villanelle’s former boss. While they may not be working toward the same objectives, they are tied to each other, even if indirectly.
Now that the series is in full force, there’s even more to have a catch-up on, as the storyline rolls out.
You can watch the full premiere episode on BBC America here.
Let’s go back, scene-through-scene, and explore the reactions they incite (at least, on this end).
If you haven’t watched the episode yet, please know, this is topped-up with spoilers. If you’re not concerned, carry on, as it may prepare you for what’s to come.
Let’s get to it:
We time travel back to 1979 Berlin. A group has gathered together and are going over possible names, like The Socialist Squad with Attitudes, The Disrupters, and Chaos Club. A young woman enters the room, sarcastically observing, “What a burning furnace of creative thought. I should arrive late more often.”
Reaction: She reminds us of someone, but we can’t quite put our finger on it.
The leader of the group challenges her to come up with something better. She references Beethoven’s Symphony No. 3, asking, “So, how many of us are there?” He returns to the chalk board, writing, “The 12.”
Reaction: That was a very simple way to describe something that grows to be quite complicated.  
The two get cozy on the couch, with the young gent chastising his friend, saying, “Cut it out. This is an anarchist meeting, not a kid’s birthday party.”
Reaction: It looks like a social club, but clearly their motives go far beyond mingling.
This girly doesn’t waste time. She switches gears, ditching the guy she’s been hanging out with and jumping into bed with another member. Post-coitus, she says to him, “Don’t get attached.” He won’t.
Reaction: She is cold, cutthroat and collected. She is Carolyn.
Back to Carolyn now. She’s in Berlin. It seems there’s something on her mind, that she was reflecting on her earlier days, which we just watched. She’s speaking in German to her taxi driver.
Reaction: Oh, Carolyn. She has lived a long life. It may be catching up with her…
Villanelle is still in Havana. She is surrounded by mounds of food. It’s not that she’s indulging, the woman who works at the house keeps bringing dishes to her. Villanelle asks her if she has a home to go to with the woman bursting into tears, inexplicably sobbing.
Reaction: Villanelle is not the most empathetic person.
The woman shows Villanelle a wound on her leg. Villanelle says to her, “Your husband is an asshole.” It turns out, her husband is a firefighter. He goes out of his way to help people, but behind closed doors, he hurts his wife.
Reaction: Villanelle may lack compassion, but she makes up for it with action.
The woman knows what Villanelle is capable of, saying, “I know what you did to the man with the toe in the nose.” She doesn’t come out and say it, but she hints at what she wants. Villanelle doesn’t offer to kill her husband, but she gets it.
Reaction: Villanelle doesn’t work for free. This is sport.
Eve is chilling on a park bench, casually watching children play tennis. One of the kids waves at her.
Reaction: It seems they know each other.
Konstantin complains to Pam that he has an ear infection. She doesn’t acknowledge his quibble, circling back to herself, saying, “So, what’s next for my training program?” Konstantin’s plan is to play “dress up,” buying Pam new clothes. He finds her look off putting, reinforcing the need to get close to people.   
Reaction: Pam is ambitious. She’s got this.
Yusuf shows up at Eve’s hotel room, but she won’t let him. He thinks she has someone in her room. And she does, but it’s not what he thinks it is. Eve has a visitor, the small child from the tennis courts. Eve hid the little girl in the bathroom, who Yusuf discovers by accident.
Reaction: Oh yeah, we recognize her. This is Hélène’s daughter. She is going to be SO pissed.
Villanelle’s flat is on fire and she’s waving her arms through the smoke for help. But it’s all a ruse, to get the fire fighters to her apartment building. That is, one specific firefighter. The woman’s husband turns up and Villanelle turns on him. She shoves the massive water hose into his mouth, turning it on.
Reaction: Villanelle saves the day, by ending the day for one of the people involved.
Eve, Yusuf and the little girl go for a walk. Yusuf points out that Hélène most likely realizes her child is missing. Eve is unfazed, saying, “Let her squirm.” She’s not scared of Hélène and seems to be enjoying her payback. Eve had Villanelle arrested, with Hélène running interference, overriding her decision.  
Reaction: Eve just changed the rules of this game.
Carolyn is reflecting back on her earlier days. Speeding back to the 1970s, we find her hosting a party. But when she goes to the garage to stock up on booze, she sees a note, saying, “Don’t come in.” Even so, she lets herself in and sadly, she finds her father dead in the car from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
Reaction: She loved her father and looked up to him. We can only imagine the impact this had on her.
Villanelle returns to the safe house. There are five women waiting for her, who would like their husbands taken care of. Villanelle agrees to it, saying, “Okay.” But then she has her own troubles to attend to.
Reaction: Villanelle has quite a list of enemies, it’s not clear who is at the top.
Carolyn heads to the suburbs to seek out a former adversary from back in the day. She asks the woman if she’s seen Yojan (Lars) with the woman saying no. But, at the same time, she fiddles with her ring. Carolyn noticed in their younger days that the frenemy played with her ring when she lied.
Reaction: Some things never change.
Pam’s strolling around the fun fair when a carnival worker shouts to her, “She-Hulk!” He means it as a compliment. He helps her find some clothes that help her come across as a little more approachable. He seems to fancy her, but she considers this relationship transactional, paying him for his services.
Reaction: Oh Pam, let your hair down. It seems like she may need to blow off some steam.
Eve is in a classroom, sitting in on a lecture with the little girl by her side. Eve shows the professor the pictures of Lars. Apparently, he did know him and believes him to be dead. He offers up footage from around that time, which includes “Janice.” But, then Hélène calls and turns up in the hallway.
Reaction: Hélène is her typically cool self. She never cracks.
Carolyn breaks into her former friend’s home. She rummages through the garbage, finding a note. At the same time, there are flashbacks of Carolyn as a younger woman doing the same, breaking into a home and finding a passport of one of the members of The 12.
Reaction: Carolyn is invested, putting in the effort.
Eve is at home, setting up a projector to watch the footage the professor had mentioned earlier. As the home movie rolls, Lars is on-screen, as predicted, but he’s with a girl, who was not expected. Eve recognizes her at first glance, as the Carolyn she knows today. But, she has no idea what this younger version got up to.
Reaction: Eve is surprised, but not that surprised.
In another flashback, Carolyn invites the member of The 12 to the water. She confronts him, outing him as a Russian, whose real name is Konstantin. He confirms he’s KGB, he slept with her to get close to her father, who he blackmailed, and as a result, her father killed himself. He pulls a gun on her.  
Reaction: Now we know how far back Carolyn and Konstantin’s relationship goes.
Carolyn came prepared, pulling her gun on him. She talks him off the ledge, offering him a deal. It appears they’re about to make some sort of arrangement, but then Lars shows up, interrupting the negotiations. He attacks his fellow member of The 12, with Carolyn hitting Lars with an oar, landing him in the water.
Reaction: Umm, no wonder Carolyn thought Lars was dead. 
Speaking of Konstantin, Carolyn phones him to get an address. While on the phone, she ponders if their lives would’ve been different if they hadn’t “done what they had done.” Konstantin is just as perplexed, saying, “I don’t know.” Carolyn settles on the fact that people like them aren’t meant for happy lives or happy endings. 
Reaction: Carolyn has never been one to express self-doubt. But, she has a lost a lot.
Pam is quite pleased with her new look, showing up to show off for Konstantin. But, it’s short-lived, as Villanelle turns up unexpectedly.  
Reaction: Villanelle is territorial. Konstantin was hers first.  
Eve’s walking down the street and finds Hélène waiting for her. Hélène asks her, “Aren’t you scared I’m going to kill you?” Eve isn’t scared. Hélène gives her a lecture, as she does. It has no impact on Eve. Yes, Eve kidnapped her daughter, but Hélène isn’t holding a grudge. Instead, she invites Eve into her car, which Eve obliges. 
Reaction: Eve is either very trusting or she knows this is a risk, and she's willing to take it. 
Villanelle goes back to Konstantin’s hotel room with him. She thinks his life has gone downhill. But he thinks things have always been bad, she just couldn’t see it. Villanelle offers to hug it out, but he’d prefer she get to the point, as to what she wants. Villanelle wants to know where Hélène is.
Reaction: She’s with her ex.
Konstantin points Villanelle in the direction of one of his former assassins. He says to her, “She’s crazy. But she might be able to help you. Plus, I think you’ll like her.”  
Reaction: Villanelle didn’t get what she wanted, but she's leaving with something. And a hug.
Carolyn makes her way to a cabin in the woods. There’s smoke coming out of the chimney. It appears someone is home. She knocks on the door with Lars being the one to open it. They skip pleasantries with Carolyn greeting him with an insult, “The problem here is that you think you’re too clever by a half.”
Reaction: Carolyn is all about catching up with old friends.
Carolyn follows-up with an apology, saying, “I am sorry — for hitting you over the head with an oar.” He doesn’t accept her apology, which Carolyn understands. He flashes his gun, with her pointing out, “Well, if you shoot me, you won’t get to hear all the clever things I have to say. Think about that.” She walks in.
Reaction: Carolyn doesn’t need an invite.
Eve and Hélène are parked, sitting in the back of the car. Eve grows impatient, saying, “What are we waiting for? Where is Lars?” It’s not Lars who walks into their line of sight, it’s Villanelle. The car doors lock, and Eve finds herself trapped. Hélène declares, “Did you really think I wouldn’t get back at you?”
Reaction: We didn’t think so. It was just a matter of where and when.
Villanelle is unaware of their presence. And, unaware that there is someone above her, out of sight, as she’s shot in the back with an arrow. Eve tried to get her attention, banging on the window, to no avail.
Reaction: While Eve did turn her in, she hasn’t completely turned on her.
Eve fights her way out of the car, strangling Hélène. Not to the point of asphyxiation, but enough, that she gives her driver the command, “Do it, Mike.” Eve runs to Villanelle’s side, all the while saying, “Oh God. Oh God. No. No. Oh God.” She leans down to comfort her friend. She cradles Villanelle in her arms.
Reaction: Villanelle can’t go down like this.
We saw the group break up, go their separate ways and then come back together. But now a member has fallen. It’s not clear if Villanelle will survive the attack, but we have a feeling it’s going to take more than Eve to bring her back to life.
That's it for now, we'll see you here next week for episode six.
What are your reactions?