Play-By-Play of ‘Killing Eve’ Season 4, Ep. 4: Hélène Visits Villanelle in Prison, Carolyn Heads to Havana, Konstantin Is Back to Being a Handler

The final season of Killing Eve kicked off on February 27. We are now at the halfway mark, with episode four having just premiered. Eve, Villanelle, and Carolyn are all on separate paths, heading in different directions. Konstantin is completely removed from the group and is being pulled back in by Hélène.
You can also look for some new faces, like Eve’s co-worker Yusuf, who also proves to be a confidant. And Pam, who is an assassin-in-training, with Konstantin now acting as her handler.
Now that the series is in full force, there’s even more to have a catch-up on, as the storyline rolls out.
You can watch the full premiere episode on BBC America here.
Let’s go back, scene-by-scene, and explore the reactions they incite (at least, on this end).
If you haven’t watched the episode yet, please know, this is topped-up with spoilers. If you’re not concerned, carry on, as it may prepare you for what’s to come.
Let’s get to it:
Villanelle is in a prison cell. There’s only a brief glimpse of her in a blue uniform, sitting against a blue wall.
Reaction: This girl has the blues, as she should. At least we know where she is.
Eve is walking down a lonely street. She enters a building, walks up the stairs, letting herself in.
Reaction: Eve is on her own, too. But, we don’t know exactly where she is.
Villanelle doesn’t seem well. She is staring off into space and her gaze turns to disdain.
Reaction: We can’t read minds, but it seems like she’s thinking, “How did I get here?”
Eve walks through a dark room, shouting out, “Hello!?” When the lights come on, it turns out she’s in a theater, landing center stage. Hélène greets her pleasantly, saying, “Hi, Eve.”
Reaction: Even when Hélène is being friendly, it gives us a chill. 
Villanelle has had enough. She’s spent plenty of time in her head and now she wants out, banging on the door, yelling, “I want my phone call!!”
Reaction: She also wants out of that prison cell. We don’t blame her.
Eve and Hélène have a catch-up. They’re not just in any theater, they’re in London’s West End. And, apparently, Hélène owns the auditorium (of course she does). Eve spills the beans on what she’s learned, that Lars Meyer is a member of The Twelve, and that she’s come in contact with Fernanda.
Reaction: Hélène seems very put off when hearing Lars’ name.
Two can play at that game. Hélène springs information on Eve, saying, “Speaking of exes, I heard you had a busy night. You got her arrested.” Eve is equally put off, telling her to stop.
Reaction: Hélène has a better poker face of the two women, with Eve reacting to Hélène's baiting.
Konstantin and Pam are in Margate, England. Konstantin briskly walks ahead, with Pam trailing behind, trying to keep up. They end up at a hotel, where Pam will be staying. Konstantin explains to her, “Just so you know, we are not friends. Don’t even think we are.” Pam gets it.
Reaction: Konstantin has drawn the line in the sand. Maybe this is because boundaries were so often crossed with Villanelle. 
Eve goes to find Yusuf. He’s been off drinking but is still equipped. He’s gone through Fernanda’s social media accounts — all 7,432 posts — and he was able to track down ONE photo of Lars. It’s a photo of him and Fernanda on a tee shirt that she’s wearing.
Reaction: We have a feeling he made a point of not being photographed. Accept there’s that dang tee.
Villanelle has a visitor. Hélène pops up unexpectedly, saying, “Surprise!!” and follows it up with, “So, have you gotten all this out of your system??” Hélène mulls over her options on how to get through to Villanelle, landing on a warning, “No one leaves The Twelve. Not you. Not me.”
Reaction: Hélène's words fall flat. Villanelle is ready to go.
Villanelle is back in business. She and Hélène head to the car park, where Hélène says to her, “Your timing is impeccable,” handing her an envelope. Villanelle glances at its contents and agrees to it.
Reaction: Once a killer, always a killer.
Carolyn is now in Havana, Cuba. She goes to The Twelve member who was attacked. He’s being kept in a safe house. The woman who works there says he described the attacker as “a bitch.”
Reaction: That narrows down the list, but there are still a lot of unanswered questions. 

Konstantin pressures Pam to push a harmless woman into the sea. Pam refuses to do so, with Konstantin challenging her, “Do you want this job? Or do you want to be a nobody?” Pam sort of just shuts down, with a blank expression. Konstantin gets mean, saying to her, “Are you stupid?”
Reaction: She’s heard those words before, from her just as malicious brother. We know what happened to him. 

Eve and Yusuf are back in the surveillance van. They appear to be sleeping on the job, resting their eyes. But, a blip on the screen gets Eve’s attention, with her snapping back into work mode. She says to Yusuf, “Look! Is that him?”
Reaction: They’ve found Lars, at least what he looks like current day.
Carolyn interviews the injured The Twelve member, who is in recovery. She’d like the names of his contacts. He’d like a cigar. She does have a cigar for him, but he doesn’t hold up his side of the bargain. After taking a long puff, he growls at her, “I’ll die before I grovel to a woman.” Carolyn is unfazed.
Reaction: He didn’t keep his secrets in the name of loyalty, it was in the name of sexism.
Carolyn goes outside to get a breath of fresh air. At the same time, taking in a breath of the cigar, running it under her nose. She seems to be collecting her thoughts. While she wasn’t intimated by The Twelve member, she is in fact caught off guard, with someone putting a sack over her head from behind.
Reaction: This isn’t good.
Konstantin is puzzled and calls Hélène to express his grievances. He was made mayor, we suppose as a cover, and now he’s been asked to be a handler, once again. Hélène informs him, “Wondering is above your pay grade.” She thinks he’s lost his touch and advises him, “Get the job done.”
Reaction: Hélène isn’t HR. Even if she were, HR is rarely your friend.
Carolyn is in the trunk of a car with the sack still on her head and her wrists bound with zip ties. When the car arrives at a beach, it turns out it’s Villanelle driving. She gets Carolyn out of the trunk, removes the sack, with Carolyn saying, “Oh, it’s you. Is it too late to offer you the job you wanted?”
Reaction: She is unshakeable, still holding onto her sense of humor. 

Villanelle doesn’t say a word. She goes to the car to get a wrench, with Carolyn commenting on her choice of weapon, “Oh, a wrench. You’re more inventive than that.” She reminds Villanelle that she met her when she was a child, saying, “I liked you instantly.” Still, silent, Villanelle whacks her in the head.
Reaction: Compliments don’t work this time.

Pam is lollygagging at the fun fair. She goes on one of the spinning rides. At first, she’s distressed but then it turns to joy. It’s the first time we’ve seen her smile. She’s then laughing deliriously.
Reaction: This distraction seems to provide a false sense of security. 
Carolyn is now awake, with Villanelle sitting right in front of her. Villanelle says to her, “Prove it.” She wants Carolyn to prove what she meant about meeting her as a child, which she does, rattling off a violent memory of when Villanelle tortured a fellow orphan. She refers to her as “gifted.”
Reaction: Villanelle is still looking for validation.
The two women return to the safe house. It seems Villanelle has given up on killing Carolyn.
Reaction: Hélène is not going to be happy that she’s failed at her assignment.
Eve makes her return to Paris. She’s tracking down the photographer who took the photo of Lars. The photographer has passed away, but her daughter is able to point Eve in the right direction.
Reaction: Eve is onto something.
Carolyn and Villanelle eat in silence. It’s a comfortable silence, but Carolyn has some questions. She’d like to know who sent Villanelle and she thinks she’ll tell her, simply because she likes her. Villanelle thinks it’s presumptuous. But… without much prodding, all Villanelle says is, “Hélène.”
Reaction: Is it that Villanelle likes Carolyn that much or that she dislikes Hélène that much?
Carolyn introduces Villanelle to the injured The Twelve member. He doesn’t recognize Villanelle. So, we can knock her off the list of suspects. Villanelle asks what everyone is asking, “Who did this?”
Reaction: All arrows are pointing at Hélène.
Eve sifts through archived photos. She finds more of Lars.
Reaction: It’s not clear what she’s looking for.
Pam calls Konstantin in distress, saying she’s been mugged. Konstantin goes to the edge of the pier as he waits for her. But she does not show up looking for help, instead, she shoves him into the sea. She did follow his command. She just used it against him.
Reaction: We had a feeling him calling her stupid would have consequences.
Konstantin is unhurt, climbing out of the water and up the stairs. He’s even laughing. He’s pleased with her, exclaiming, “Yes! That’s more like it.” Pam isn’t laughing, declaring, “Don’t underestimate me.”
Reaction: These two.

Carolyn and Villanelle head to a restaurant. Villanelle is annoyed, saying, “It’d help if we knew what we were looking for.” Carolyn, on the other hand, is optimistic, saying, “I hope I know when I know.” The two play a game of Truth or Dare to pass some time. Oh, there’s Lars!
Reaction: Carolyn knows Lars. And Lars knows Carolyn.
They don’t just know each other, they know each other. The two lock eyes, the gaze is strong, with Carolyn taken aback, saying, “I thought you were dead.” Lars… he runs. Villanelle chases after him.
Reaction: Carolyn wasn’t even looking for him. But, she found him.
Hélène is at home relaxing, sipping on wine. Eve swings by for a visit, skipping the pleasantries, snapping at her, “So, what’s the news?” Hélène calls her out, replying, “Are you in a rush?” Eve changes her tune and joins Hélène for a bath.
Reaction: The honeymoon stage is over for Eve, this is all strategy.
Carolyn and Villanelle are still hanging out. It turns out, Lars is an old flame. But Carolyn doesn’t indulge in the details, saying, “I better make tracks. Berlin.” They play a little more of Truth or Dare and then Carolyn is off. Before leaving, Villanelle apologizes for trying to kill her.
Reaction: Carolyn isn’t bothered by Villanelle’s attempt on her life. It’s just a part of the game.
Eve and Hélène have a snack and watch TV. Hélène speeds Eve up, saying, “I got Villanelle out. She’s free.” Eve is visibly puzzled. She doesn’t overreact, but she is clearly upset. 
Reaction: Hélène did get Villanelle out, but she also left Villanelle to her own devices.
Hélène has no idea she might be in danger. Instead, she goes on to lecture Eve. Hélène explains what passion means to her, saying, “The actual definition of passion is to suffer. That’s what it is about Villanelle, isn’t it?” She seems to believe Eve enjoys it as well, saying, “You love this? Don’t you? It delights you.”
Reaction: Hélène is very pleased with herself. She’s not a know-it-all. She’s a teller. She tells people what they are. 
Eve is in awe of Hélène. She takes her words in and is speechless. She moves closer to her, stroking her hair. She puts her hand on Hélène’s face. She then leans in for a kiss. She pulls back, finally saying what’s on her mind, breathily admitting, “You have no idea.”
Reaction: Hélène may fall for the romantic tactic but not us. Eve isn't into Hélène, it's all strategy. 
Up until now, the characters were going in different directions, but now everyone is partnering up. Konstantin and Pam are a pair, Villanelle and Carolyn are in cahoots, and Eve and Hélène are the odd couple.
That's it for now, we'll see you here next week for episode five.
What are your reactions!?