Play-By-Play of ‘Killing Eve’ Season 4, Ep. 3: Villanelle Longs for Eve’s Attention, Carolyn Investigates The Twelve, Hélène Advises an Assassin-in-Training

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We’re heading into episode three of the final season of Killing Eve. The first and second episodes brought us up to speed on where our favorite characters are now, including Eve, Villanelle, Konstantin, and Carolyn. Each has gone their own way and this mismatched group has disassembled.
There have been some new faces added to the mix, like Eve’s new co-worker Yusuf, and Pam, a local mortician. Of course, we can’t forget Hélène, Villanelle’s former French assassin boss.
And now that the series is rolling out, there’s even more to have a catch-up on, as the storyline continues. 
You can watch the season premiere episode on BBC America here.
We’ve backtracked to put a spotlight on some of the standout scenes and our reactions.
If you haven’t watched the episode yet, please know, this is topped-up with spoilers. If you’re not concerned, carry on, as it may prepare you for what’s to come.
Let’s get to it:
Villanelle is dressed in a hotel maid’s uniform and lets herself into Eve’s hotel room. Her shirt is splattered with blood. When Eve gets back, she’s unfazed to find Villanelle waiting for her. She knows to expect the unexpected. Villanelle asks if she can stay the night, Eve responds with, “Can you be gone when I get back?”
Reaction: That was a hard 'no'. It seems Eve has moved on and she's not looking back.
Eve seeks refuge at Yusuf’s. Eve says of Villanelle, “I think she’s killed again.” But when asked what she wants to do, she replies, “Nothing. It’s not my job.” She’s back in go mode, asking Yusuf to track Hélène’s car. She shares a theory with him, that Hélène is torturing members of The Twelve to get to its leader.
Reaction: We like how she thinks. And her theory sounds about right to us.
Pam is doing her thing in the morgue, getting a corpse ready for burial. She has her headphones on, jamming to music and seems to really enjoy her job. But, when she runs into her boss, Elliot, he shoves her in the shoulder, snapping at her, “Get away! Creep.” She is left feeling unappreciated.
Reaction: Woah, that was really rude and really uncalled for. Poor Pam.
Carolyn is in relax mode, donning a shirt dress. She’s entertaining a guest, serving up tea. It’s Vlad. And, now he’s in her abode. She gives him a rundown of the members of The Twelve who have been killed and who’s next.
Reaction: We’ve never seen Carolyn so domesticated. It doesn’t really suit her. We prefer her in boss mode.
Villanelle has switched gears, showing up to Martin's home. She’s dressed in a suit, with her hair and makeup done. She seems to have shaken off the shambled state she was in after the woods. She’s there to get therapy, but he doesn’t feel like they’re in a safe space.
Reaction: He is absolutely right to not feel safe, but he doesn’t have a choice in the matter.
Villanelle advises him to call in sick and the session begins. He asks what she wants to talk about, with her answering with a question, “What do you know about me?” He knows she’s an assassin and a highly skilled one. He tries to get at what’s bothering her. She doesn’t like the way she feels, which is, “Like sh*t.”
Reaction: We’d think he’d see this as a rare opportunity to analyze a psychopathic killer on the loose.  
Eve is in a parking garage and comes upon a man and woman arguing, with her overhearing Hélène’s name. Eve pretends to be getting dumped over the phone by her girlfriend, gaining the woman’s attention. With the woman having just been dumped by Hélène, they have something in common.
Reaction: Eve’s good at disguising herself, this time as a damsel in distress.
Pam’s boss is back for more, showing up at the door of her operating room, insisting, “Are you stupid? Just a genuine question because I’ve said so many times, you’re only allowed out there when I say so!” She just stares off into space, clearly feeling defeated. But, by the end of it, she has a glint in her eye.
Reaction: He’s not just her boss. He's her brother. Making this doubly worse.
Eve and her new friend, Fernanda, agree to grab a drink and exchange sob stories. The get together is one-sided, because Eve is collecting intel. We learn Hélène is good in bed, with Fernanda describing her as “hotter than potatoes.” Eve takes that as a cue and orders up, saying, “We’ll have a bottle.”
Reaction: Alcohol can definitely act as a truth serum. Eve is onto something.

Hélène and Pam grab some soft ice cream and have a chat in the park. But, it goes from casual to serious pretty fast. Hélène asks Pam why she didn’t let her know that a former MI5 agent came to her place of work asking loaded questions. Pam had no idea, asking, “MI5?”
Reaction: Pam got off easy, receiving a lecture. Her boss is an assassin, it could have been a lot worse. 
Fernanda is really missing Hélène. And she's getting it all off her chest. Eve breaks character and describes what her ex was like, saying, “Controlling. Selfish. Delusional.”
Reaction: Eve plays it off like she’s over Villanelle. But, she's still in her head.
Villanelle is now reclined on the sofa and really getting into therapy. Martin seems to be taking it seriously as well, asking her questions to help figure out what the problem is. Villanelle is typically very decisive, knowing what she wants, who she wants and how to get it. But, now, she doesn’t.
Reaction: Of course, she loves therapy. It’s about her favorite topic… HER.
Pam is back at the morgue and this time she’s the one asking the questions. Her brother is startled, not knowing she’s in the operating room, hanging out in the dark. It doesn’t take much for him to lash out, this time physically attacking her. But, he doesn’t realize she’s more than equipped to defend herself.
Reaction: Go Pam!
Elliot holds her head over a bucket filled with bloody water. Pam pleads with him to stop. He doesn’t let go, even so, Pam gets herself out of his chokehold by slamming him with a metal tray. It’s enough to stun him, but he bounces back quickly. He’s bigger than her, he’s stronger than her, but she’s quicker.
Reaction: Pam was prepared. She administered eye gouging to disable him. And a scalpel to finish him.
Eve and Fernanda are now on their second bottle of wine. Fernanda describes how her ex-husband cheated on her and then walked out on her. When Fernanda goes to the loo, Eve goes through her purse, which includes a newspaper with Villanelle’s face on the cover, as she’s wanted for murder.
Reaction: Fernanda is having a string of bad luck, with Eve running out while she’s in the bathroom.  
Villanelle and Martin are snacking on lunchables. She asks a pertinent question, “Do you think I was born like this?” He doesn’t think so, but confirms, “You are who you are, a psychopath.” He provides comforting words, that he’s never heard a psychopath say they don’t want to be a psychopath.  
Reaction: It sounds like Villanelle might be capable of change. She’s questioning herself.
Elliot is on the morgue table. Pam has left the building to go meet with Hélène, confiding in her, “I murdered my brother.” Hélène is taken aback, saying, “Excuse me?” Hélène is not happy, threatening her, “Disobey me again, and you will find out how easily dispensable you are. Do you follow me?”
Reaction: Again, poor Pam. It’s hard being an assassin-in-training. 
Konstantin is still in Russia. He seems to have removed himself from his former life all together. He’s at his office, mingling with coworkers, about to dig into homemade sausages. But, when his cell phone rings, he looks alarmed. We can feel his anticipation as he answers the call. But, we’re left dangling.
Reaction: Who’s on the phone!?
Carolyn is at the safe house. She’s investigating the murders of The Twelve members. She receives a clue from an informant, that one of the crime scenes had peat moss on-site. And this specific strain is only found in Scotland. It’s believed that the killer tracked it in.
Reaction: Villanelle made a trip to Scotland, but that was a while back. Hmm…
Eve is back in London, filling Yusuf in on her findings. She makes a great point, that Hélène was using Fernanda to get to her ex-husband, because “Fernanda isn’t her type.” Eve believes Fernanda's ex has something to do with The Twelve, and he’s on Hélène’s radar for a reason.
Reaction: She took the words right of our mouth. We couldn’t see Hélène going for her.  

Yusuf is able to track down a marriage certificate. Eve is beyond intrigued, saying, “Hello, Lars Meyer.”
Reaction: Ooh, they found their very own The Twelve member.
Carolyn is up, dressed and out, attending a barbeque. She learns a Russian agent, based in Cuba, has been murdered. Carolyn volunteers to fly to Cuba, saying, “I am more than ready to get my hands dirty."
Reaction: Fernanda is from Cuba. It seems her ex-husband has been found.
Eve’s back in her a hotel room and comes across an IM exchange with Martin. Since she wasn’t home to message him, she knows Villanelle is responsible. She’s pissed, saying, “Enough.”
Reaction: Well, that got her attention.
Villanelle and Martin are now lounging outside. He broaches a touchy topic, that being Eve, asking, “Do you enjoy the power you have over her?” Villanelle is forthcoming, just saying, “Yes.” Villanelle believes Eve has ruined everything. But, moving on, would ruin everything.
Reaction: Villanelle is very stuck. This may call for more therapy sessions.
She looooooves Eve. She describes what she wants from her, to hear all the boring stories about her day. The stories she wouldn’t tell anyone, because they’re just that boring. But, they wouldn’t be boring to Villanelle, because she finds Eve fascinating. She thinks of her as a “rainbow in beige boots.”  
Reaction: Come on, Eve! Give Villanelle another chance.
Eve is at Martin’s home, banging on the front door, shouting for Villanelle. Villanelle’s plan worked, to get some time with Eve. There’s a slight redirect, when Villanelle strangles Martin a little too long, he passes out and hits his head on the table. Eve comes to his aid, with him waking up.
Reaction: He’s okay. Whew.
Eve and Villanelle play nice, sitting on the couch having a catch-up. It seems the two are about to reconcile, with Eve saying to her softly, “I should have done this when we first met.” Villanelle isn’t sure what she’s referring to, asking, "Done what?" But things become clear, when the authorities arrive. Eve has no remorse and a hint of a smile. 
Reaction: We did NOT see that coming. Nor did Villanelle.
Villanelle is finally captured. It all happens in very slow motion. It’s like we’re seeing it the way Villanelle is feeling it. It’s not just that she’s under siege by armed police, but Eve turned on her. Eve, the woman she was just describing so affectionately. Villanelle doesn’t put up a fight and surrenders.
Reaction: When Eve is done, she’s done. We just didn’t know how done.
Konstantin is at an office building with Hélène. She has a newbie assassin and is recruiting Konstantin to be her handler. 
Reaction: Now we know who was on the phone. Konstantin thought he was out, now he's being pulled back in. 
Eve is back in London, working on her evidence board. She's added Lars Meyer to her collection of clues. She calls Hélène to check-in, saying, "I rose to your challenge." Hélène is pleased with Eve's discovery, that she's making her way to the top of The Twelve. The two agree to meet for dessert. 
Reaction: Eve moves on fast. 
Villanelle is escorted into her cell. There's a cot, a toilet, and a sink. At least, it's private. But, too private. All she was looking for was closeness. 
Reaction: She has her thoughts to keep her company. Too many thoughts. 
Eve, Villanelle, and Carolyn are all on separate paths, going in three different directions.
That's it for now, we'll see you here next week for episode four.
What are your reactions!?