Play-By-Play of ‘Killing Eve’ Season 4, Ep. 2: Eve Is Set on Finding Hélène, Carolyn Wants Back In the Spy Game, Villanelle Seeks Friendship

(Photo: BBC America)
Killing Eve season four is officially in motion. In the first episode, we saw all three women, Eve, Villanelle, and Carolyn, make major shifts in life, taking on new roles. Eve is now working for a private security firm, Villanelle is “working” for God, and Carolyn is working to hold her head on straight.  And, not to forget Konstantin of course, who’s pursuing politics.
And now that the second episode has premiered on BBC America, there’s even more to have a catch-up on, as the storyline rolls out.
You can watch the premiere episode on BBC America here.
We’ve backtracked to put a spotlight on some of the standout scenes and our reactions. Hopefully, they match-up with yours. 
If you haven’t watched the episode yet, please know, this is topped-up with spoilers. If you’re not concerned, carry on, as it may prepare you for what’s to come.
Let’s get to it:
In the opening scene, we head back to London. There’s a woman uncomfortably carrying three ice cream cones. We learn she’s delivering the sweets to Hélène and her young daughter. And as the camera focuses, oh, there’s Eve. You may not spot her at first, as she’s in a blonde wig. But, she's definitely there.
Reaction: It makes us reminiscent of KE season one and think back to Villanelle at the gelato shop.
The storyline switches gears, landing us in a bar. We see another woman, with an open-backed dress and very long braid, down to her bum. Oh, it’s Eve! Eve is on fire with the hiding in plain sight strategy. It turns out, she tracked Hélène to a bar. It appears Hélène is on a date, and Eve is observing, relying on their reflection in the mirror above the bar. 
Reaction: We highly enjoy the cheeky text Eve receives from her partner, Yusuf, saying, “STOP DILLY-DALLYING!”
Eve takes directions well and makes her exit. But, not before crossing paths with Hélène and dropping an object into her purse. It’s not clear what it is, possibly a pen, but we suppose we shall find out soon enough. We’re guessing a tracker, but that is pure speculation.
Reaction: Hélène moves fast, snogging the woman she just met in the corner of the elevator bay.
Next up, Hemel Hemstead, England. We know the location, as it’s written on the side of the bus, which is also carrying Villanelle. A very gloomy Villanelle, who sits solo, staring out the window. The vicar is on the bus hosting a quiz, which snaps Villanelle out of it. 
Reaction: Her friend is there, too, the one she tried to kill. But, she's keeping a safe distance. 
Villanelle shoots up out of her seat, grabbing the mic from the vicar. She recites a passage from the bible, saying, “There will be more joy in heaven over one sinner that repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons that need no repentance. Luke, chapter 15.” Her holy announcement is directed at her friend. 
Reaction: Villanelle has a guilty conscious? Maybe she has in fact changed.
It appears the church group is on a camping trip. Villanelle finds her tent, which has a name tag on it, reading “Nelle.” Ooh, we like the slight change-up. And, in her tent, Jesus is waiting. Jesus says to her, “He wants you gone, he knows something happened between you and his daughter. He just doesn't know what.”
Reaction: Jesus really is all-knowing. Okay, we get it, it’s a figment of her imagination and Villanelle is speaking to herself. 
Jesus gives Villanelle a pep talk and it works. She gets some pep in her step. She heads to her friend’s tent and offers her a stick, which she sees as an olive branch. Her friend… not so much. She sees a stick. Villanelle tries to apologize, and her friend sees that for what it is, too, i.e. half-mad.
Reaction: Villanelle has very serious abandonment issues. This friend is living on borrowed time.
Eve is comfy on her hotel room couch, playing on the computer. She’s not taking the day off by any means, but instead snooping on Villanelle, looking at photos of her on the church's website. We’ll give her that, "Nelle’s" so good at her job, that she’s internet famous.
Reaction: It gives us a warm, fuzzy feeling that Eve is still into Villanelle.
Eve is interrupted when Yusuf, who doubles as a hookup buddy, comes home. He’s thrilled to announce they’re going to Paris. But Eve is not into it. She just wants something casual with him. Which, she bluntly reminds him, “No overnight stays, no presents, no mini-breaks.”
Reaction: We like how she thinks and how she speaks. She says it how it is.
Even so, she changes her mind, when she finds out Hélène is in Paris. And, she has the plan of all plans, on how to infiltrate Hélène’s home. She’s going to knock on the front door. It’s beyond brilliant. Not just brilliant, subtly calculating.
Reaction: She may not be as confident as we are in her plan, as she heads out for a second opinion.
Villanelle’s friend leads her into the woods. It seems foreboding, but she wants to save Nelle. It’s not much of a plan, just to scream it out and spin around in circles. But, Villanelle is just so relieved that her friend is cool with her again. Jesus shows up to give her a nice pat on the shoulder for winning her friend back.
Reaction: Watching this scene, we almost forgot that Villanelle was once a killer. But, only almost
Eve is out and about, seeking guidance from her old friend, psychopath expert Martin. We find her outside a secured facility, with her friend coming out to greet her. She asks of him, “How do you get what you want out of them?” with him clarifying, “Do you mean my patients?” He doesn’t want from them, he wants to help them.
Reaction: That wasn’t the question we were expecting.
That answer doesn’t quite cut it, and Eve pushes for more. Basically, he advises her, to figure out what the person wants, give it to them, or appear to, to get information out of them. She takes this as a “yes,” in regards to going to Helene’s home and challenging her.
Reaction: In his defense, he doesn’t actually know what Eve is asking him about specifically.
Carolyn, on the other hand, is at an indoor pool. Carolyn's key Russian contact, Vlad, is doing laps and takes a break to look up at her. And she looks quite menacing. After exchanging not-so-pleasant pleasantries, he debriefs her. He goes over some files with Carolyn, and she provides intel.
Reaction: Carolyn seems to be on the same track as Eve, giving him something to get what she wants.
After spilling the beans on the targets in the files, Carolyn is ready to negotiate. She lists off her terms, rattling off demands. He laughs almost agreeably, but then his tone shifts, giving her an earful as to why they (the Russians) are disappointed with her, as she defected, landing on, “People here don’t like rats.”
Reaction: Is it terrible that we aren’t terribly upset that her former direct report Hugo is in that file?
Back at camp, Villanelle and her friend have made-up. So much so, that her friend makes a confession. She blames her father for getting in a drinking-and-driving accident that killed her mother. She pleads with Villanelle not to tell anyone. The two hug, but Villanelle has that look in her eye.
Reaction: A psychopath probably can’t keep secrets.
Around the campfire, the church group plays a guessing game. The person puts a post-it on their forehead, with a name written on it and tries to figure out what the name reads by asking, "Am I... ?" Villanelle’s reads “Hitler.” And, she is understandably pissed when she learns of this. She writes out a name for the Vicar, which reads, “Mary.”
Reaction: It seems harmless, but… it. is. not.
The vicar can’t guess the name. Villanelle provides a hint, saying, “You were killed unlawfully.” He claims he doesn’t know what that means. She makes it easy on him, standing up, and screaming in his face, “The answer is, your dead wife, who you killed in a car crash, when you were drunk.”
Reaction: In addition to being bad at keeping secrets, psychopaths don’t follow the rules. 
The church group doesn't rally against the vicar, like Villanelle expected. Instead, they turn on her. One of the members stands up against Villanelle, saying, “Whatever he did was in the past. It’s the man he is today, we care about.” As a result, Villanelle stomps away in a huff.
Reaction: Villanelle is seeking acceptance, but per usual, she is rejected.
Carolyn is wandering around a safe house that’s been stripped bare. It’s so empty, it makes us think of the loss of her Kenny, which she doesn’t talk about all that much. She goes to the kitchen and finds a rat in the cupboard. She says to herself, “A rat for a rat.” 
Reaction: She has hit a really low point. We know she can turn things around, we’re just not sure how.
Eve and her coworker Yusuf head to the train station. She says to him, “I might not come out of this.” It appears she’s made up her mind to travel to Paris to find Hélène. Once there, the two go to a restaurant for steak, but Eve loses her appetite. Yusuf tries to give her a pep talk, but she’s not in the mood.
Reaction: Eve seems to have mixed feelings about what she’s walking into, i.e. hungry and then not hungry. 
His pep talk turns into a lecture. Yusuf has lost his patience, and warns her, “You want to do it your way? You want to knock on that door without knowing what’s on the other side? And you think that this [a steak knife] is going to protect you? Eve, you want to hunt down The Twelve? You want to kill the top brass? You want to die while doing it? You have my support, one hundred percent. But, this way, you will die, before you even get close.”
Reaction: Go Yusuf! We all need a Yusuf in our lives.
Carolyn is having a laugh fest with Vlad. They’re at a restaurant and appear to have made-up. She even brought him a present. He glances inside, to find… oh, the dead rat from earlier. He’s unfazed and brushes it off as “a little light intimidation.”
Reaction: Anger can act as a motivator. Maybe this is what Carolyn needs to get out of her funk.
Eve heads out to pick up some groceries, which throws us off, thinking she’s out to run errands. Nope, she lands on Hélène’s front step. Her plan was to knock on the door, showing up unannounced, catching Hélène off guard. But, Hélène opens the door before Eve gets the chance to knock.
Reaction: We’re cheering for Eve, of course, but we are impressed by Hélène's instincts, running interception. 
Eve doesn’t wait for an invite, announcing, “I’ve come to cook you dinner,” letting herself in. And, what is Eve going to cook? We’ll give you one guess…
Reaction: Shepherd's pie!  
The women dance around the topic, with Eve getting the ingredients out and Hélène making small talk. Villanelle would be so jealous if she knew Eve was playing cat-and-mouse with another woman. We finally find out what Eve dropped into Hélène’s bag at the restaurant, which was a tampon, encasing a tracker. 
Reaction: We’re getting good at this, spotting things, and guesstimating what’s to come.
Hélène goes from small talk to straight talk, while holding Eve’s hand to an electric stove burner. Eve fights through the pain, listing off her interests, “I like holidays, dogs, long walks on the beach… and, I want to bring down The Twelve. I want to cut off the head of the monster.” So does Hélène.
Reaction: Eve’s hand is STILL on the burner and she shows no pain. It hurts just watching.
Possibly the pain heightens her awareness. And, she has a lot of awareness, now that she realizes Hélène is picking off the members of The Twelve one-by-one. But, she doesn’t know why, other than pure masochism. Or, possibly, sport.
Reaction: Just because Hélène is a member of The Twelve doesn’t mean she can’t turn on her own.
The vicar and his daughter have a heart-to-heart in their tent. And, Villanelle is right outside listening in. The daughter says, "I didn’t see what you saw. I saw something good. Now, I don’t think anyone could love her. I think she’s the Devil."
Reaction: Uh-oh.
The vicar and his daughter are done. Villanelle grabs a mallet and the tent stake from out of the ground and enters the tent. We don’t see the actual attack, just the shadows through the tent’s fabric. But, we see enough. And the blood splatter seals the deal, that these two will be meeting their Maker.
Reaction: That’s the Villanelle we know and love.
As Villanelle walks away from the scene of the crime, Jesus comes to her. Jesus tries to comfort her, saying, “Now, now.” She has had enough spiritual guidance and decides to go it alone. 
Reaction: We don’t think she’ll be alone for long, though. 
All three women seem to have similar, yet different paths, confronting what’s in front of them.
That's it for now, we'll see you here next week for episode three.
What are your reactions!?