Play-By-Play of ‘Killing Eve’ Season 4, Ep. 1: Eve Is No Longer With MI6, Villanelle Has Found God, Carolyn Is In a Safe House

(Photo: BBC America)
We are more than ready for the fourth and final season of Killing Eve and it just kicked off tonight (February 27). The first episode of season four premiered on BBC America and we have a rewind of some of the standout scenes and our reactions. We’re hoping they match-up with yours.

                                                     You can watch the full episode via BBC America online here.

You can look for returning cast members Sandra Oh, Jodie Comer, Fiona Shaw, Kim Bodnia and some new faces, who we’ll introduce as the series rolls out.
If you haven’t watched the episode yet, please know, this is topped-up with spoilers. If you’re not concerned, carry on, as it may prepare you for what's to come. 
Let’s get to it:
In the season opener, we head to Russia and there, we see a speedy motorcyclist. The rider stops for a moment to acknowledge a poster of Konstantin, who now looks to be involved in politics. The driver comes to a destination, arriving at a stand-alone building, punching out security and making it inside.
Reaction: It seems this driver is a woman, based on her physique and the gait of her walk. But we have a sneaky feeling this is… not Villanelle, which it could easily be believed to be.
Oh, it’s Eve! That was definitely a surprise, but a surprise we can fully embrace. Eve has been changing over the seasons, and here she is, clad in leather and equipped to drive a motorcycle. She finds Konstantin, who is in the middle of getting a head tickle, and he is just as surprised to see his old friend-turned-foe.
Reaction: Eve hasn’t just added to her skill set... she also seems guilt-free, casually shooting Konstantin in the hand.
Konstantin is in so much pain, buckling to his knees. Even so, Eve demands answers from him, wanting to know where Hélène is. He scribbles something on a paper, which we don’t see, with him saying to her, “If you want to find Hélène, why not just ask Villanelle?”
Reaction: Oooh, Konstantin just provided some foreshadow. It leads us to believe, Eve and Villanelle are not on speaking terms.
Speaking of Villanelle, she’s changed her ways. We find her in a church singing like an angel in front of the entire congregation. And, then later, helping clean up. But, really, can a person change that much? We believe in second chances, but in this case, our guess is… no.
Reaction: Going from an assassin to a devoted churchgoer is quite a jump. Villanelle might be able to pull this off for a while, but someone is going to see her true colors, which are very dark.
Eve is back at a hotel in London. She looks relieved to be back at home base. And, as a viewer, it feels like we’re coming home too, with the familiarity being comforting. Like anyone after a long, exhausting trip, Eve falls into bed.
Reaction: Unlike a typical vacationer returning home, Eve has an evidence board, with photos of targets, a map, and clues around where to find who she’s looking for.
Eve doesn’t rest long. We see her out on the street, with a protein shake in hand, heading towards the back of a van. The door flings open, revealing her new partner, Yusef. It appears, Eve’s MI6 days are behind her and she’s now part of a private security firm. We shall say, the two are more than partners, getting frisky in the back of the van.
Reaction: Go Eve! Life can’t be all work. It seems shooting someone acts as an aphrodisiac for her.
Carolyn has relocated to Mallorca, Spain. Sadly she's not on holiday, but there for her safety. We just cannot see Carolyn living under-the-radar for all that long, as she would just get antsy. When she receives a visitor, a Mr. Smith, she perks up.
Reaction: Ah, that’s the Carolyn we know. She doesn’t just perk up. She jumps up, to greet him.
It turns out her gentleman caller is there for business, as we predicted. He has intel for Carolyn about a recent murder, where a man was fileted alive in Prague. Carolyn, like a pro, flips through the case file and photos without even flinching. She says it reminds her of something, but she doesn’t reveal what.
Reaction: Carolyn may no longer be official British Intelligence but she has not lost her cool whatsoever.
Their meeting is interrupted with Hugo (Edward Bluemel) arriving unexpectedly. He has some news for Carolyn, announcing he’s been promoted.
Reaction: Carolyn is less than enthralled and asks for him to be escorted out.
Villanelle is now living with the church’s vicar and his daughter. She is trying so hard to live a pure life, that it makes us think she may be trying too hard. She seems to be putting so much time and energy into not doing bad, that she isn’t doing anything good either. At least, not genuinely.
Reaction: The vicar seems to notice something is up, but he doesn’t know exactly what.
Eve goes for a run. She needs to keep her strength up, working in security. And, lo and behold, she runs into Carolyn. This is no coincidence. Carolyn sought her out, as she needs Eve’s help. There’s been a string of murders with “all of them tortured, none of them solved.”  
Reaction: Eve poo poos the idea, but we can see that glint in her eye. She is exhilarated.
Villanelle is scheduled to be baptized. We see her doing a practice run with the vicar. It appears she is trying to cleanse herself of all her sins. We shall say, that’s a lot of sins. She takes a break from the faux ceremony to find a perfect seat for Eve, who she sent an invite to, saying, “Here. Here, my guest needs to sit here.”
Reaction: Aw, that is so sweet, she wants Eve to come. But, it will be so disappointing, if Eve is a no-show. Villanelle does not take rejection well.
Eve may be too busy to attend Villanelle’s “party,” as she calls it. We find Eve walking into a funeral home. She’s not there for the traditional reasons, but instead is looking for information. She has a chat with the technician in the mortuary, Pam, but comes up with nothing.
Reaction: Oh, Pam knows something.
It’s Villanelle’s big day and she is beaming in a floor-length white gown. We're nervous just thinking about her possibly being stood up by Eve. She scans the room eagerly, but to no avail. No friend. No foe. Even so, she goes through with the dedication ceremony. She demands that the vicar, “Do it now!”
Reaction: Aw, was Villanelle doing this to get Eve’s attention? Sheesh, it didn’t work. We’re disappointed for her. This is worse than we thought, the obsession that is.

Eve hasn’t given up on her lead at the funeral home. She chats it over with Yusef, and is convinced that Pam is just the type of girl The Twelve recruit. She’s disempowered, disenfranchised, disposable, disadvantaged… and she likes dead people (lots of D-words).  
Reaction: If it’s members of The Twelve being killed off, who is doing the killing? Who is Pam working for? It seems Eve is asking the same Qs. 
Eve and Villanelle reunite in a very unpredictable way. After the chat, Eve goes to the hotel lobby. She’s admiring a fish tank when Villanelle appears on the other side. Eve is caught off guard, but doesn’t overreact. Instead, she stands calmly staring back. All Villanelle says to her is, “I forgive you.”
Reaction: If a person doesn’t think they’ve done wrong, they don’t really want to be forgiven.

And, we’re not wrong in that prediction. Eve has no idea what she’s talking about. Villanelle isn’t talking about all of it, she’s talking about the baptism, which she refers to as a “rebirth.” She thinks it’s hard for Eve to see her “blossoming.”
Reaction: Villanelle’s choice of words is killing us. They're just so sappy, in a good way. 

Eve is not put off by Villanelle's "changes," and calls her out. Eve says to the reformed assassin, “You are the same person. You are exactly the same. Maybe I’ve changed. Have you thought of that?” Villanelle ignores her words, gets down on her knees and prays for Eve. Eve’s had enough, exclaiming, "If you really changed, you wouldn’t have come here.”
Reaction: We have missed Eve so much. She says it how it is.
Villanelle gives it right back, saying, ‘If you had really changed, you wouldn’t have let me.” Eve slowly walks up to her. Villanelle stares at her, with her chest heaving and her mouth agape. Are these two going to kiss!? It seems that raw, visceral attraction is still there.
Reaction: Uh, no. Eve raises her hand to Villanelle and smacks her across the face. It is a passionate moment, but not the loving exchange we thought might happen. Let’s just say, no one would’ve gotten away with that in season one of KE.

Eve had some play time with Villanelle, but now she’s back to investigating. She stakes out the funeral home and follows Pam. She’s not that good at it, as Pam catches on. Pam dips out of sight and then attacks Eve, tackling her to the ground. 
Reaction: Eve did not give Pam enough credit. Pam is no weak creature, as suggested earlier.
Oh! Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh, what is this? Pam dips into the back of a car. And, as the car pulls away, who else is in that car? Oh, you know, Hélène (Villanelle’s makeshift mentor from season three). Eve is way more composed than us as viewers, with her simply saying, “Found her.”
Reaction: Maybe Eve knew Pam would lead her to Hélène. Hence, why she’s not bowled over when catching a glimpse of her. It’s always good to sense the outcome before going into a situation.

Villanelle makes her way back to church. She’s looking for God, but her questions go unanswered. The vicar’s daughter shows up, with the two becoming intimate, but things take a turn. Villanelle snaps and dunks the vicar’s daughter into the holy water, holding her head under water until she passes out.
Reaction: We kind of called it, Villanelle does not take rejection well. But, this is pretty brutal for Villanelle to turn on the only friend she has. Even Villanelle knows she’s gone too far.
Carolyn heads to Moscow, where she’s greeted by a man saying, “Hello, traitor.” Yikes, that’s not quite the welcome one would hope for. Carolyn meekly smiles and glances down, avoiding eye contact.
Reaction: Carolyn seems to have lost her footing. But, we’re confident in her. She will get it back.
Villanelle seriously messed up and she knows it. But, it’s not clear if she can fix it (reconciling with the vicar's daughter). Now that things have calmed down, God has appeared to Villanelle. And, the all-knowing being has answers for her. Villanelle knows the right question to ask, “So, what happens now?”
Reaction: This popcorn-eating version of God is pretty badass. Of course, it’s Villanelle’s mind that created the entity. God replies to her saying, “Easy. I’ll lead you to salvation.” We understand this is meant to be a sign that Villanelle is losing it, but her reaction is just too cute. She is SO hopeful.  

It appears all three women have changed and stayed the same.
That's it for now, we'll see you here next week for episode two.
What are your reactions!?