Play-By-Play of 'Killing Eve' Season 3, Ep. 6: Niko is Laid Up in a Hospital, Villanelle Plans Her Exit and Dasha Goes Bowling

We are well past the halfway mark of Killing Eve season three, with only two more episodes left. In last week's "Are You From Pinner" we saw Villanelle (Jodie Comer) reunite with her family in Russia. And in this week's, we now find out what happened to Niko (Owen McDonnell) on that fateful day when he got a pitch fork to the throat (ack!).

Let's savor every scene:

Eve goes to visit Niko at a hospital in St. Pancras, London. He made it! How did he make it? The pitch fork through his neck must've missed any major arteries, somehow. He's hooked up to a ventilator and cannot speak. When she sits down to greet him, he types out a message on a pad, with a digital voice saying for him, "Piss. Off. Forever."

Reaction: Forever is a long time. These two are officially over. At least according to Niko.

Villanelle goes to meet with her new employer. And she has a hissy fit when she gets her new assignment, saying, "I was told I'd be giving orders. This is the same stuff I was doing before. This is bullsh*t." The woman replies, "You bargained for all that you wanted, and we're giving it to you. You will get all of the material perks you were expecting. What more do you want?"

Reaction: She wants to be recognized as a leader.

Eve is back at The Bitter Pill. She and and her new team are looking over the latest kills. Jamie, who she now reports to, recaps that clearly Niko did not send the texts to Eve, with someone tricking her into going to Poland to see his demise. Jamie et al. believe Villanelle is behind the pitch fork. But, not Eve. The kill just does not read like V.

Reaction: She knows her so well.

Eve gets in a fight with a vending machine, when it won't release her Kit Kat. And, it's kind of amazing. She gets out some of her frustrations, kicking and banging at the food dispenser. Once calmly snacking, a profile of Dasha is brought to her attention. They've figured out that Dasha is responsible for the 1974 gymnast kill, that Villanelle copycatted.

Reaction: Woah. That Kit Kat really did the trick, giving her the break she needed.

Eve makes a visit to Carolyn's. Before she even gets through the front door, Eve demands, "Tell me everything about Dasha Dizran." Carolyn met Dasha when the assassin was kicked out of the KGB. Eve thinks Dasha is now overseeing Villanelle. She is on a mission to find out who tried to kill her husband. Carolyn makes the valid point, "Does it really matter who?"

Reaction: As the saying goes, there is no rationalizing with the irrational.

Konstantin is in Russia, cheering on his daughter's hockey game. Villanelle turns up uninvited with a blow horn. She acts like a cheerleader, but really she has a request. She wants to re-team with Konstantin, saying, "I'm going with you. Your plan to get out. I'm in." He thinks it's too dangerous. But, when she actually says, "Please," he promises to send for her.

Reaction: Villanelle doesn't believe him.

Carolyn goes to a park to meet up with a friend. They chat about making dinner plans, but then the conversation turns to Kenny. He looked into Kenny's phone records, and he had incoming and outgoing calls to Russia. The friend had emailed this to the MI6 desk, but the information never made its way to Carolyn.

Reaction: Someone is running interference.

Carolyn goes back to MI6, and she walks with purpose. She addresses her new boss, asking for Kenny's phone records. She knows he has them. But, he doesn't know she knows. He makes up an excuse, explaining the delay. She just stares him down. And says, "Are you... working for them... Paul?" He answers her question with a question, "Are you? Carolyn?"

Reaction: There is a trust issue here.

Villanelle shows up at Konstantin's daughter's school. Villanelle talks her into playing hookie. The two go for a drive, with Irina, 14, behind the wheel. But, she knows what's up. That Villanelle is trying to cozy up to her, in order to tag-a-long with her and her father when they make their escape. Villanelle tricks Irina into disclosing where they are headed.

Reaction: Cuba!!

Konstantin is back in London, picking up some crisps (chips). And sees Carolyn is outside the corner store waiting for him. These two go for a drive as well. Konstantin asks, "Are we going somewhere in particular?" With Carolyn replying, "Yes." He asks if she's going to tell him where. Her answer? "No." He chuckles.

Reaction: Oooh, intriguing.

Carolyn grabs his phone and demands his wallet. It's not all fun and games anymore. She throws his wallet out the window. She gets to it, asking, "What did you want with my child?" He denies any wrongdoing, saying Geraldine kissed him. We have a feeling Carolyn meant Kenny when saying her "child." She pushes the pedal to the metal.

Reaction: That was not what Carolyn was expecting.

The questions don't stop. Carolyn asks, "Why did you call Kenny the night before he died?" Kenny had asked Konstantin if he was his father. But, Konstantin didn't know the answer. She eases up on the gas, pulling to the side of the road. She advises him to "get out." She is out of breath and in a daze. Konstantin has gotten off easy. This could have gone much differently.

Reaction: We wonder if Carolyn even knows who Kenny's father is.

Carolyn goes home and makes a pork pie. Geraldine is flustered because she had gone shopping specifically to make a veg stew. Geraldine addresses her mother, saying she doesn't really want to be in this house with Carolyn, but she's all she has in terms of family. Carolyn would like to have this conversation after she's eaten.

Reaction: She's not just hangry. She's also permanently annoyed with Geraldine's pestering.

Carolyn makes a cocktail. And is a little better prepared to chat. She is dismissive to Geraldine, once again saying she is her father's daughter. And that Carolyn doesn't understand her. She drives it home, saying, "And, Kenny was mine." She admits that she's not supposed to say that, but it's her truth. She asks Geraldine to tell her the truth about what's been going on with Konstantin.

Reaction: Geraldine messed up and now she's being called out.

Konstantin makes his way back to his house. Carolyn's boss, Paul, is waiting for him... in the dark. Konstantin has a startle, but once calmed down, the two get down to business. Paul reveals Krueger wasn't the one stealing from the Geneva account. It was someone else. Whoever ordered the hit on Krueger's wife is now wanted.

Reaction: We know who ordered the hit... Konstantin.

Eve finds Dasha at a bowling alley in Barcelona. The two enjoy a game like they're old pals. Eve pays her a compliment, recognizing how Dasha's first kill was so original. Dasha takes credit for creating Villanelle, making her "a perfect killing machine." But, she thinks that's all she's good for. Eve disagrees.

Reaction: Villanelle wouldn't be pleased with these two chatting about her behind her back.

Villanelle is heated, but she plays it cool. She shows up to a TV station, disguised as a makeup artist. The guest for the show sits in a chair, with Villanelle promising to make him look good. She wets his hair and then has him sit under a heating lamp, which she has rewired. Rather than waiting for it to look like a mechanical error, she puts her hand over his mouth.

Reaction: Villanelle is letting her emotions get the better of her.

Her target fights back. He gets a hold of scissors, stabbing her in the arm. She stumbles around, shouting out in pain. The heating lamp fries the man. As Villanelle makes her exit, we see she's left a bloody shoe print on the floor.

Reaction: She got the job done, but it was sloppy.

Konstantin packs a bag in a rush. He knows who ordered the kill on Krueger's wife, because it was him. But, does anyone else know? Probably. He calls Irina, saying, "School's out early this year. Be ready."

Reaction: It's time for them to go.

Dasha pays a visit to Villanelle. When she sees Villanelle sitting on the ground, bleeding and in pain, she says, "What the hell have you done?" She's not super empathetic to her being wounded. Villanelle is over it, telling Dasha, "I'm done with this sh*t. I'm leaving." She was supposed to play dumb and not let anyone in on her plans.

Reaction: Villanelle is too smart to play dumb.

Dasha's maternal, and mentor, instincts kick in. She gives Villanelle tweezers to pinch the gash on her arm closed. Dasha then stitches the wound with a needle and thread. When Dasha asked what happened, Villanelle replies with a whimper, "I don't want to do this anymore."

Reaction: Villanelle was promised a promotion. They failed her. And now she's burnt out.

Villanelle starts crying, which is something we've never seem before. Dasha advises her to get herself cleaned up and she'll order a pizza. Villanelle just stares at the ceiling. She seems resigned... from her job and the situation as a whole. Dasha is being very nice to her, but a little too nice. We have a bad feeling.

Reaction: What happens to a killer-for-hire who doesn't want to kill anymore? She knows a lot...

Eve is back at the hospital. She gazes into Niko's room, as he sleeps.

Reaction: Maybe give him the day off from being creeped on?

Irina is sitting in a car outside of her house. She sees her mom's boyfriend taking out the garbage, with Konstantin waiting at the end of the driveway. Rather than waiting for the boyfriend to go inside, she hits him with the car. As that weren't enough, she then runs him over. Irina giggles in glee, very pleased with herself, while Konstantin is in complete shock.

Reaction: He made her this way.

That’s it for now, and we’ll see you here next week for episode seven.

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