Play-By-Play of 'Killing Eve' Season 3, Ep. 4: Niko Is in Poland, Eve Gets Catfished, Dasha Has a Visitor

Things are speeding along on Killing Eve, and per usual, with a lot of twists and turns. Episode four of the new season just aired tonight (Sunday, May 3). If you missed it, no worries, we have a play-by-play of each scene for you:

Niko is in Poland. And he seems much more relaxed than when we last saw him (errr, in a mental institution). He's taking selfies. Going for long, leisurely drives down dusty paths. He doesn't have a care in the world. It appears he has a new job making deliveries. After a stop at a farm, he goes to the local dive bar for a beer and some flirting with the cute waitress.

Reaction: If Eve knew about this, she would not be happy.

Eve has set up fort on the office couch, in a sleeping bag. She wakes up so sore and achy, and we can almost feel it through the screen. She is in complete shambles, washing up in the bathroom, but when she gets a text from Niko, reading, "Ok. So you want to talk? I'm listening," there seems to be a glimmer of hope.

Reaction: We don't realize until she walks out... but, she's not wearing any trousers!!

Eve and her Bitter Pill coworker are looking into recent kills. And all of a sudden he asks her, "What's that?" She misunderstands and thinks he's talking about the murder they're investigating. But, no, even worse. He points down, clarifying, "No. What's that?" He answers his own question, declaring, "Pants!" Eve's underpants were hanging out of her trouser leg.

Reaction: This is our worst fear (due to static cling, not lack of cleanliness) and it just came true for Eve. So, this is a thing.

Eve gets a cake delivered to her for her birthday. Her instincts kick in and she takes the box and its contents to the roof. She did the right thing, protecting the people around her. For all she knows, it could be a bomb. When opening the box, it turns out to be a regular cake, with a bus on it, reading, "Happy Birthday Eve." Even so, she throws it over the side of the building.

Reaction: Whoever sent that cake, and we're guessing V, knows where Eve now works.

Jamie, The Bitter Pill boss, invites Eve to stay with him at his flat. They get tipsy and swap war stories. Eve confesses to leaving a man to die, so she could "save a psychopath." And Jamie confesses to his best friend dying on the drugs he gave him. He's trying to comfort her, saying, "Don't think you are the only self-loathing asshole in the room ever." It's working.

Reaction: Two wrongs don't make a right. These two together are double trouble.

Niko sends Eve a selfie. It turns out to be the one he took in the first scene. We were wondering who the recipient was.

Reaction: Eve goes to sleep with a smile on her face. She seems really pleased to hear from her hubby.

Now Eve's in Poland. She turns up unannounced. She arrives at the farm where Niko's doing some handy work. She sees him through the door of the barn and yells to greet him, "Niko!!" He sees her and waves back.

Reaction: He seems a bit surprised, as he should be.

Konstantin is in Moscow. He drives up to his daughter's school. He invites her to sneak out and spend the day with him. They chat about her mum's new boyfriend. And his work. And then the conversation turns to Irina lecturing her father, saying, "I want you to have a plan." He says that he does, but she doesn't believe him.

Reaction: We still think she's the boss.

He then goes to visit Charles Krueger's widow. She's so shaky that the tray she's carrying is rattling. The day he was killed, he had sent her an "odd" email. His email mentioned the missing six million pounds and that if anything were to happen to him, for her to forward the email. Charles had figured out who had stolen the money.

Reaction: So, who!? We're dying to know who stole the moola.

She didn't send the email. She says to Konstantin, "I am in such a muddle, I don't know what to do." He does. He tells her to send him the file and he will make sure to get her somewhere safe.

Reaction: Be careful who you trust.

Konstantin travels to Barcelona, where he finds Villanelle. He sneaks up on her and says, "Boo!"

Reaction: Hmm, suppose they're now even after her hiding under his covers and scaring him.

Villanelle and Dasha are noshing on cake. But it's so bad, it has to be thrown away. While the baking project didn't work out, Villanelle gives her an update on her trip to London and seeing Konstantin. Dasha warns her, "You're close Villanelle. You're so close to getting what you want. But you have to play by the rules."

Reaction: That is probably the absolute last thing to ever tell her. Villanelle will most likely do the exact opposite.

Villanelle's promotion has come through. Dasha buried the lead, making Villanelle work for the announcement. Villanelle's new employers want to meet with her, with Dasha saying, "They need to discuss your new contract. Holiday pay. Benefits. Etc." This gets Villanelle up on her feet, suggesting, "So, I'm getting promoted?" Yep.

Reaction: This probably isn't going to be a typical HR meeting.

Villanelle goes shopping to celebrate. Of course she does, that's her favorite hobby. Her spree is interrupted by Konstantin. He wants to talk. He's here to deliver information to Villanelle about her family. He needs her do something for him, before giving her the exact location. She says to him, "I'll do it." He didn't even say what "it" is. Maybe it doesn't matter.

Reaction: This is a good day for Villanelle. First a promotion and now she's one step closer to a family reunion.

We find out what "it" is. Villanelle goes to visit Charles Krueger's widow. We had a sneaky feeling this was coming. Villanelle is undercover as a gardener, clipping roses with huge sheers. His widow is devastated over her husband's passing. She misses him so much. She lunges toward Villanelle, crying onto her shoulder.

Reaction: This unsolicited embrace is enough to make Villanelle kill.

Villanelle did not make "it" quick or efficient, like Konstantin asked. She playfully chases the woman through the garden. The entire time, the widow thinks it's a game. In the greenhouse, Villanelle gets a watering hose around the woman's neck and strangles her to death. Okay, that last part was pretty quick. It took a matter of seconds for her to die.

Reaction: Never trust a psychopath.

Carolyn Martens' alarm goes off at 5:00am. She's actually wide awake already. She goes to meet with her new boss (Steve Pemberton), who apologizes for his neglect in looking into the missing Geneva money, which almost got Carolyn killed. He tries to play nice with her, but she's not having it. She wants her office back.

Reaction: Carolyn knew she was right all along. At least now her boss admits it.

Carolyn had success with her new counterpart, but her day takes a turn. When getting home, she runs into her daughter Geraldine. Geraldine is at her wits' end. She falls to her knees, crying, "Mum. I feel so lost." Carolyn isn't having it. She says to her, "We just had a pleasant exchange in the hall." Carolyn asks Geraldine to respect her "privacy" and "grief."

Reaction: While Geraldine is her daughter, neediness can become taxing.

Dasha does some laps to burn off steam. And then right after, while still in the pool, lights up a cigarette. A well-dressed woman swings by to visit Dasha. The unnamed woman is concerned about Villanelle's activity in London, spending time with Konstantin. She asks Dasha, "Do you want to go home? To Russia?" Dasha needs to handle Villanelle in order to get what she wants.

Reaction: That was the politest threat we've ever heard.

Niko turns up to the farm house with a delivery. But the woman who lives there isn't home, instead it's... Dasha!! This is not going to end well. She sweet talks him and asks him to fix the broken barn door. He promises to return the next day to look at it. Niko bought himself some time, not even knowing he needs it.

Reaction: Oooh, Dasha is back in the game. She's not afraid to get her hands dirty.

We find out what happens to the older woman. She's in the pig pen. Well, she was... the piggies have eaten her remains. Dasha follows Niko to the local bar. She keeps an eye on him. Later, we see Dasha with his phone, texting Eve. She sends Eve the Niko selfie, writing in his voice, that he wants to talk. All along, it wasn't Niko corresponding with Eve. It was Dasha.

Reaction: We are highly enjoying seeing how things are actually rolling out, with a bit of backtracking.

Niko returns to the farm as promised. As he's working on the door, Eve pulls up in a taxi. This may sound familiar, because we saw this in an earlier scene. But, now we're seeing it from a second angle. Clearly, Niko had no idea Eve was coming. And, Dasha is there, too.

Reaction: This is some extreme catfishing.

Dasha ties a note to a pitch fork, reading, "Still got it!" What's she going to do with that pitch fork!? Eve walks toward Niko, calling out his name. He waves back, sighing, "Eve." He's caught off guard, but Eve has no idea. She think he's expecting her. And then she's caught off guard, when he's stabbed through the neck with a pitch fork.

Reaction: We know someone who has a penchant for leaving cryptic notes = Villanelle. Dasha seems to be framing her.

Eve is in shock. She drops her backpack to the ground. Everything is in slo-mo, with no sound, just a ringing (which we think is in Eve's ears). She walks a bit but can't carry her own weight. She falls to her knees. Niko is crumpled to the ground, laying in a pool of blood, with his body convulsing. She stays on the ground, too, watching him in disbelief.

Reaction: Emm, is Niko going to make it??

That's it for now, we'll see you here next week for episode five.

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