Play-By-Play of 'Killing Eve' Season 3, Ep. 3: Villanelle Steals a Baby, Eve Snogs on a Bus, Carolyn Goes on a Stakeout

We've just watched episode three of the new season of Killing Eve, airing Sundays at 9pm EST on BBC America. Are you all caught up? If not, here are recaps of episodes one and two.

A lot has happened already — Villanelle got married, Eve got a new job, Kenny got killed (poor Kenny!) — with lots more to come. Let's catch-up with the dynamic duo and the rest of the crew, made up of Carolyn Martens (Fiona Shaw), her daughter Geraldine (Gemma Whelan), Konstantin (Kim Bodnia), and newcomer Dasha (Harriet Walter).

Let's roll:

Villanelle has landed in Andalusia, Spain. We find her tuning a piano in a magnificent mansion, with the lady of the house her new target. And, she's a b*tch, talking down to the "hired help". She's really just asking for it. Villanelle sneaks up behind her and throws a dagger like a dart at the back of her head. Bullseye!

Reaction: Villanelle is so talented. She can tune a piano and throw like a professional sportsman.

A baby's cry gets her attention. The maid tries to stand between the killer-for-hire and the lil' one. Villanelle says to the maid, "You really like that baby, huh? She's not even yours." Villanelle is the kind of woman who wants what other people have, including happiness. It seems like she might have pity on the maid, but nope. She's knocked off, too.

Reaction: Who's going to take care of the baby?

Carolyn is conducting a meeting from her bathroom. Eve is quite surprised to find Carolyn in the bath. That's where she has "all her best thoughts." With Kenny's former boss from The Pitter Pill in tow, Jamie (Danny Sapani), Carolyn begrudgingly gets dressed. Jamie and Carolyn bicker, with Eve shouting, "Enough! Okay? Enough!"

Reaction: Eve can shut down things down.

Eve, Dasha and baby are having lunch. Now we know who will take care of the baby. Villanelle says to Dasha, "I'm practicing my characters, as you told me." Dasha has enough of the baby, picks her up and places her in a rubbish bin. As Villanelle and Dasha carry on, we hear screaming in the background, with passersby finding the abandoned tot.

Reaction: We were kind of hoping the baby was the latest recruit.

Dasha directs Villanelle to return to London. Villanelle responds with a hard no, explaining, "It's too soon. I have to prepare. I'm not ready. How about that?" Villanelle rarely shows self doubt. But after a minute of processing, she bounces back, saying, "You're right. I know what I'm doing. I can handle this."

Reaction: Villanelle seems shook, just like Eve.

Eve's hanging at The Bitter Pill. When sitting with a staffer, the two of them realize Kenny's Rubik's cube is a way of decoding the name of his account. Eve starts to explain The Twelve to Jamie, but stops herself, saying, "Once I tell you about them, your lives are in danger." Jamie point blank responds, "Don't tell us." She goes on.

Reaction: Eve can't help herself. She wants them to know what she knows.

Eve connects with Mo, Carolyn's right-hand man. After accessing Kenny's files, it turns out the late MI6 agent Frank Haleton's Geneva account is now active. There's been three bank transfers in the last two months, totaling just over six million Euros. Eve goes to Mo for help in getting intel on the bank exchanges.

Reaction: That's a lot of Euros.

Konstantin turns up at a colleague's flat. The two indulge in shots and exchange pleasantries. And then they get down to business, someone has been stealing from their funds, six million Euros to be exact. Konstantin says he'll make some calls and look into it. That doesn't seem to cut it, his colleague is desperate to cover up this oversight.

Reaction: There are a lot of eyes on this account.

Villanelle goes shopping for perfume in London. She says to the shopkeeper, "I want to smell powerful."

Reaction: She knows how to make an entrance.

We find Geraldine giving Carolyn a pep talk. As Carolyn primps for a night out, Geraldine gushes, saying to her mum, "I think it's wonderful you're letting people in. We all need intimacy in our lives. Even people who keep secrets for a living." Carolyn is patient with her, but then cuts her off, clapping back, "Nonsense."

Reaction: Carolyn isn't looking for companionship. She's looking for Kenny's killer.

Carolyn is all dolled up, sitting at a restaurant bar. But her date doesn't show. When running into a friend, Henry, she explains she's been "stood up." In an attempt to turn the night around, the two head out to grab some grub and have a catch-up.

Reaction: We don't think Carolyn ever had a date.

Carolyn is a wonderful flirt. The two go to a noodle shop, where she moons over the gentleman across from her. Leaning on her hand like a school girl, gazing at him, she says, "I must say, the years have been good to you." Then, she gets to it, asking, "So, Geneva still treating you well?" He quips back, "What, the bank? Oh, don't get me started." She wants him to get started and not stop until she gets her answer.

Reaction: She is SO good. Making financial talk into foreplay.

Carolyn has a migraine, code for hangover. But, it's worth it, as she's learned who owns the Geneva account. In a makeshift meeting, with Carolyn on the couch, and Eve and Mo in waiting, it turns out the owner is Charles Krueger, Konstantin's friend who we met at the London flat earlier. They believe he might be the accountant for The Twelve.

Reaction: No wonder he's so scared that money is missing.

Villanelle is at a toy store. And she is totally freaked out. The store is filled with plush animals, from floor to ceiling. In a hot pink phone booth she records a message for Eve, saying, "I should've shot you in the head and left you to die." But, after a minute, her face and tone soften, and she lands on, "I can't stop thinking about you."

Reaction: Either Villanelle is that obsessive or Eve has that much of a hold on her.

Eve goes to visit Niko (Owen McDonnell). But, he's not there. He's discharged himself.

Reaction: Ouch, that has to burn.

Eve hops on the bus and proceeds to text Niko. We can see from her phone that she's been texting him, with no response. And, guess who else is on that bus? Villanelle! She is cool and calm, sauntering up to her, simply saying, "Hi, Eve." Eve jumps out of her seat, lunges at her. The two get into a slap fight, with Eve actually landing a punch.

Reaction: Not the money maker!

Eve and Villanelle fight all over the bus. Villanelle pushes Eve into a seat and climbs on top of her. With Eve pinned on her back, Villanelle gets super close, saying, "Smell me, Eve. What do I smell of to you?" Eve makes the move, leaning in for a kiss. And Villanelle kisses her back. But, there's no second kiss, with Eve headbutting Villanelle.

Reaction: Emm, where can we buy this perfume?

Carolyn and Mo are on a stakeout. They're just chilling, noshing on sweets when they spot their target, Charles Krueger. He tries to run, but he doesn't make it far, he seems to be sick. Or, it may just be wear and tear. Carolyn offers him a lift and he voluntarily gets into the car. But, he's not in a chatty mood.

Reaction: He didn't put up much of a fight, eh? Maybe he wants to go with them...

Eve's at the Bitter Pill, trying to figure out who Villanelle is in London to kill. She's chatting with Jamie, and the two of them go over the list of targets. She thinks it's Carolyn and tries calling her. Except, Carolyn sends her to voicemail. She tries again with Jamie's phone, but is still denied.

Reaction: They're onto something.

Their car is pulled over by a police officer on a motorbike. Mo is at the wheel, saying, "Everyone look innocent." Carolyn glances at her phone, which has a text from Eve, reading, "DNGR VLLNELE! AFTER U!!" That got her attention, but it's too late, with Villanelle at the window with a pistol in hand.

Reaction: This is not going to end well.

Carolyn was not the target, but it was Krueger. Villanelle killed him with a bullet to the head.

Reaction: He had reason to be worried.

Villanelle is a hotel, in a robe, sitting cross-legged on the floor. She's watching a news report of a man reunited with his baby. The baby had been missing a day, since her mother was killed. Villanelle watches the story unfold, saying, "He's so happy." She seems to be in awe of how happiness works, seeing it through other people.

Reaction: A lot has happened in one day.

Konstantin returns home, getting into bed. But, he's not alone. Villanelle is hiding under the covers. She's such a prankster! He is terrified, jumping out of bed, screaming in fear. And them screaming at her, shaking his finger, "Don't wait for me in the dark like that!!" She is beyond amused. He gets back in bed and they have some polite pillow talk.

Reaction: Aw, Villanelle is lonely. She always go back to Konstantin.

Eve's back at her flat. But, no one is waiting for her. No Niko, no Kenny. But, someone has been in her flat. She finds the teddy bear Villanelle picked out for her, with the recording saying on repeat, "Admit, Eve. You wish I was here." Eve tears the plush toy apart to get to the recorder, finally shutting it off. But then... plays it, over and over.

Reaction: She still likes her.

That's it for now, we'll see you here next week for episode four.

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