Play-By-Play of ‘Killing Eve’ Season 3, Ep. 2: Carolyn Is Getting Messy, Villanelle Gets a Partner and Eve Has a Dead Man's Phone

Season three of Killing Eve premiered last week (April 12). If you missed it, here's the play-by-play of episode one.

You can watch the full episode over at BBC America. 

And now it's back in full-force, with episode two airing tonight (April 19). As the story progresses, we can look for Sandra Oh as Eve Polastri, with Jodie Comer as Villanelle. Fiona Shaw returns as Carolyn Martens, but in a reduced capacity at MI6. Kim Bodnia is holding down the fort as Konstantin. But... no Kenny this ep. Sean Delaney talks about making his exit in this interview exclusive to AMC Talk. In addition to the established cast, there are some new faces, including Dame Harriet Walter as Dasha and Gemma Whelan as Geraldine.

So what went down?

Eve's standing in the rain, about to smoke a ciggie. A bus drives by with a sign on it that reads, "Worry. Grief. Regret. Let it all go..." That's easier said than done. A man addresses her saying, "You drink a lot!" She's not drunk, but may be by the end of the night. He claims, "No judgment on my part, just making an observation."

Reaction: Sounds like judgment to us. He is definitely needling her.

Konstantin is on hand, too. It turns out, this unlikely reunion is for Kenny's funeral. Konstantin says to Eve, "Poor Kenny." But, points out, "He chose it," suggesting Kenny committed suicide. Eve strongly disagrees and starts to do an unofficial investigation under the veil of mingling, asking Kenny's coworkers about his work at The Bitter Pill.

Reaction: While drinking through her sadness, Eve seems to have found purpose, once again.

Carolyn is her stoic self at the funeral. And, it turns out, she has a daughter, Geraldine. Her daughter is more emotional, saying, "Today isn't about pretending we're not sad, mum. It's about acknowledging the sadness together." People deal with grief in different ways. When Eve asks Carolyn if she thinks Kenny jumped, she simply says, "Yes."

Reaction: We don't work for MI6 or anything, but there is no way Kenny jumped. He was thrown.

Villanelle is in Barcelona, Spain, strutting around town. This girl has confidence, and her loud slinky blue dress makes it known to passersby. She arrives to a spectacular flat, that looks made for a queen. Villanelle doesn't rely on people noticing her, she goes to the balcony and boldly belts out what sounds to be an operado.

Reaction: This girl is confident. That spice kill really gave her some pep in her step.

Villanelle isn't on her own. Dasha is at the Spanish flat with her, saying, "You ask Dasha for the best. Dasha gets you the best." The two head out for some tapas. Dasha explains to Villanelle that neither of them can afford the luxuries of a normal life, like package holidays and date nights on the sofa, and that they must live alone, in a life of solitude.

Reaction: Dasha speaks in the third person — definitely a sign of a psychopath. Villanelle doesn't settle.

Carolyn is getting messy, literally. She's back at MI6 and her co-worker points out that her blouse is mis-buttoned. She claims that she likes it like that. She still has her edge. She starts to run the meeting, but... the new boss (Steve Pemberton) takes over and it does not go well with the two talking over each other. He decides to "take five."

Reaction: Carolyn is ready to go back to work. But, she's not welcome.

Konstantin hops in the back of a car to meet his contact. It appears every time it's a new person and he has a little bit of a hissy fit, complaining he has to explain everything from the beginning. She ignores his rant and advises him to stay in London to "keep an eye on things." Specifically his old friend from the MI6.

Reaction: Konstantin and Carolyn are more than old friends, they are former lovers.

Eve is still making dumplings. Carolyn turns up to deliver a message, admitting she knows Kenny didn't take his own life. Eve isn't interested. Carolyn pulls out a photo of a corpse, it's the woman killed in the spice shop, with Carolyn saying, "She's back, Eve. And she's working." Eve STILL isn't interested, replying, "I can't help you."

Reaction: Whew. Good to know Carolyn is looking into this. Of course she is. Kenny was her son.

Villanelle is assigned a partner. We know that didn't go over well in season one. This time around, she's deemed a mentor and is asked to act as a guide. She'd rather just "do the work" and he watch. But Dasha steps in to explain, "Management is not easy." Villanelle is told she needs to have patience and responsibility. She has neither.

Reaction: Villanelle is about the bottom line, maintaining her lavish lifestyle. So, she will cooperate... for now.

Eve has Kenny's phone. When she was at his office, the day he was killed, she snagged it. When sitting at a pub, she fiddles with the password and the phone rings. She gets a text, reading, "Pick up you bloody idiot!" That's direct. Followed by a second text, declaring, "Eve Polastri I know you have the phone." Even more direct.

Reaction: Eve has a dead man's phone. The texts aren't going to stop.

Eve goes to The Bitter Pill, where Kenny worked. She asks his former coworker, "How did you know I had the phone?" They didn't. It was just a guess, and they got it right. It turns out the man at the funeral, who called Eve out for drinking too much, is Kenny's former boss (Danny Sapani). He gives Eve the option to work with them.

Reaction: Eve's back.

Villanelle is at a bus station in Cote d'Azu, France. The new recruit has arrived and he's a youngin', aged 19. Villanelle doesn't think he has what it takes to be a killer. He explains that he's killed before, an entire family, actually... even a grandmum. He did it for love, to impress his boyfriend. But, his now ex did not appreciate the gesture.

Reaction: Well, these two have one thing in common. They love hard.

Konstantin bumps into Geraldine on the street. What a funny coincidence (probably not a coincidence). The two exchange pleasantries and Konstantin gives her a magnet of a tour bus. It was a souvenir meant for his daughter, but he deems Geraldine will appreciate it more. She is touched, saying, "Moments of kindness mean a lot right now."

Reaction: Hmm, where is Geraldine staying? With Carolyn? That magnet is going to end up in her home.

Villanelle is clowning around. But, all in the name of work. She and her mini-me show up to a children's birthday party in full clown suits. The young recruit is directed to kill his target, "behind the ear. Clean and clinical." Villanelle walks in on them struggling on the ground. She shoots the target. And then shoots the teen killer wannabe.

Reaction: We called it! We knew he was not going to last long.

Kenny had a girlfriend. Aw, that makes his death even sadder. He left a love interest behind. Eve and his former coworkers are going through his files. Eve gets flustered and stomps out of the room. His former boss addresses her, "Maybe, we're just clinging to the idea that here's something out there, because we're too afraid of the truth."

Reaction: It sounds like he's baiting Eve.

Kenny's ex, Audrey, meets up with Carolyn. Carolyn asks if Kenny was happy. It turns out he was, but he missed his mum. Carolyn concedes to being hard on Kenny. But Audrey points out that there's no one right way to parent.

Reaction: We know Carolyn loved Kenny and still does. She's just very good at hiding her maternal side.

Carolyn is resigned. She hasn't actually resigned from her job. But she doesn't want to go into the office, because she's not allowed to do the work that's needed of her. And she doesn't want to go home, because Geraldine keeps wanting to talk about feelings. Instead, Carolyn sits in her car, blaring classical music and eating a sandwich.

Reaction: Avoidance is only a temporary solution. We trust Carolyn will figure things out.

Eve shows up to Carolyn's house unexpectedly. Geraldine is excused so the two can chat. Eve blurts out, "I have Kenny's phone," and demands to know what happened, who killed him. Carolyn is a little sloshed and is not in the best state to go over Kenny's death. As they talk, the camera pans to the fridge. Oh, there's the aforementioned magnet.

Reaction: We had a feeling the magnet was bugged. Another point for being right. Not that anyone's keeping score...

Villanelle heads back to her home in Spain. And Konstantin is waiting for her. He warns her that she's not safe and delivers the news, "Eve. She is alive." He also chastises her, "When you get angry and run away without checking if the person is actually dead... " Villanelle is in a bit of shock and appears to be woozy, not hearing the rest of his speech.

Reaction: While they're no longer working together, Konstantin still cares for Villanelle.

That’s it for now, we’ll see you here next week for episode three.

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