Play-By-Play of 'Killing Eve' Season 3, Ep. 1: Villanelle Gets Married, Carolyn is Demoted and Eve Has a New Job

We've been talking about the return of Killing Eve and it's finally here. The first episode of season three just premiered on BBC America tonight (April 12), and we have a snapshot of some of the standout scenes and our reactions.

You can watch the full first episode on BBC America here. 

Sandra Oh returns as Eve, with Jodie Comer starring as Villanelle. You can also look for Fiona Shaw as Carolyn Martens, Sean Delaney as her son Kenny and Kim Bodnia as Konstantin.

If you haven't watched the episode yet, please be warned, this is topped up with spoilers. If you're not concerned, it may act as a precursor or a sort of "Cliff Notes" for going into the episode.

Let's get to it:

In the series opener we see a young gymnast practicing her routine in 1974 Moscow. She's not so keen on boyfriend distracting her from her routine, and she takes him to task in the locker room. That's a bit of an understatement, with her punching him in the face, then bashing his head into a bench. With him left unconscious, she spills a bag of chalk into his mouth.

Reaction: Who is this girl? She's like Villanelle, but... before Villanelle.

Speeding up to modern-day, we find Villanelle at a wedding, giving a toast. Not just any wedding. It's her wedding. According to Villanelle, she's over her ex and is so much happier "now that she's dead." The celebration is interrupted when an unexpected guest turns up. Villanelle and the woman lunge at each other and end up rolling around the ground.

Reaction: Apparently, Villanelle has feelings. We hear her exclaim, 'This is my special day!!"

We find Carolyn Martens strolling through the MI6 office in London. She's been knocked down a notch. They've brought in someone new to oversee the desk. Carolyn says to her staffer, "Apparently, I've lost their trust." We meet her new boss (Steve Pemberton), who says to her, "I've heard you've been very naughty."

Reaction: We've never seen anyone reprimand Carolyn. But, she takes it on the chin.

Eve is alive, but barely. She's survived her gunshot wound, delivered by Villanelle in the season two finale. Eve seems a ghost of herself, floating through life. She's living in New Malden, a suburb of London, and we find her at the grocery store, stocking up on ramen noodles and wine. So much so, that it busts through the plastic bag.

Reaction: Oh Eve, she has quite the night in front of her.

Villanelle is having a catch-up with the woman from the wedding. You may notice the Russian woman (Dame Harriet Walter) is wearing a training suit. Yep, she's Dasha, the teenage gymnast we met in the first scene, now grown up. She says to Villanelle, "You are so talented. You are the best I ever trained. You are destined for greatness."

Reaction: Dasha seems like the mother figure Villanelle never had growing up.

Kenny has a new job. He's now working as an investigative reporter. He exchanges pleasantries with his office mate about trivia night. It's a much different atmosphere than working with Eve and under his mother's watch. And, what's he looking into? Oh, you know, the death of MI6 agent Frank Haleton. He can't seem to move on from what happened.

Reaction: It's not just Eve and Villanelle. Kenny seems to have an obsessive streak, too.

Eve has a new job. But, it's not quite what you'd think. She's now working as a sous-chef in the kitchen of a Korean restaurant. Her coworker asks why she won't work in the front of house. Eve prefers the kitchen. It seems like she might be hiding out. Not just from customers, but from life. We can't imagine this will go on for long, though.

Reaction: We don't blame Eve for taking a break, but she's not one to stay quiet.

Konstantin is in London, too. He's out picking up souvenirs. It's a quick check in.

Reaction: That's sweet he's thinking about his daughter.

We see Dasha teaching young gymnasts. Villanelle is there to hang on the sidelines. Dasha addresses the class, saying, "You see this woman? She was useless just like you, but I showed her how to be strong." Villanelle chimes in, saying, "And, fight dirty." Once the kids are gone, Dasha propositions Villanelle with a new job. She seems interested.

Reaction: Villanelle does know how to fight. Dasha did something right.

Eve texts Kenny a picture of toilet paper (bog roll in the U.K.). Out of context, it may seem a little ridiculous. But, it refers back to season one, when they shared a tiny office and had to ration out the toilet paper. We see a wine glass stained red and an open bottle. This may have something to do with the impromptu "Thinking of you!!" text.

Reaction: It's nice to see Eve still has a sense of humor about it all.

Konstantin is back home, catching up on TV. But, things shift when he gets an alarming phone call, "Where is the bloody report? Novikov is losing his shit!" Konstantin appears to be behind on his paper work. Tsk, tsk. He gets an even more bossy phone call from his tween daughter, exclaiming her mother is getting on her nerves.

Reaction: Hmm, who is Konstatin's real boss? We're thinking his daughter.

Kenny shows up at Eve's flat. It seems he got the text but found it disconcerting. He tracks her phone and figures out where she lives. Instead of comforting her, he scares the bejesus out of her, having let himself in. Following the awkward reunion, the two have a bit of a catch-up. Kenny wants to talk to Eve about The Twelve, but she shuts it down.

Reaction: Wow. Eve is really shook. Almost dying, her husband leaving her... yeah, that can do it.

Villanelle has a new assignment. It appears she took Dasha's offer. Her target is in Girona, Spain. Villanelle makes a delivery to a spice shop, where there's a store clerk on her own. Villanelle goes the old fashioned route, bashing her in the head and then pouring spice into her mouth. She seems to be taking a page out of Dasha's playbook.

Reaction: She also has a new disguise and they get more and more inventive. She looks very pleased with herself.

Carolyn is at home with Kenny. The two are getting ready to move and have a little tiff over packing. Kenny stands up to his mum, saying, "I'm not going to be told what to do... anymore." Carolyn comes back at him, explaining, "Life is just a series of trade-offs, Kenny. For all of us." The row ends on what to have for dinner. They agree on fish and chips.

Reaction: Go Kenny! He had a moment of clarity and went with it. Even though Carolyn still had the last word.

Eve has a meet-up with Niko (Owen McDonnell), her on-again, off-again husband. He appears to be living in a facility. Eve is all smiley and happy, not like we saw earlier. She says to him, "We are going to get through this. You have to know that. It's one day at a time. And you are getting better with every day." But, he's not having it.

Reaction: Niko is pissed. And there is no more "we."

Kenny's at the office alone. He's gone in over the weekend to catch-up on work. Being in the office alone is always eerie. But, one would think especially so when investigating corruption. He's piddling around on the computer, texting with Eve, and playing with a Rubik's Cube. He doesn't seem concerned.

Reaction: Hmm... maybe it's just us?

Eve gives her coworker some tough love. She seems to have gotten her voice back. After hearing her coworker talking about his aloof love interest, she finally steps in, exclaiming, "She's lying to you!!" Eve has had enough of the kitchen and goes to visit Kenny at his office.

Reaction: Eve's advice is spot on. It's always easier to see, when looking in from the outside.

Kenny hears something at the office. He ignores it and goes about his business. When Eve shows up, he's nowhere to be found. As she paces, trying to phone him, we see "something" drop past the window. Eve hears a crash, goes to the window, but it's still not clear from that angle. She races to the ground to find... Kenny.

He's in a pool of blood, his neck is broken, there is no light in his eyes. He's dead.

Reaction: Nooooooo, not Kenny!!

If you'd like to read more about this pivotal scene, you can go to AMC Talk, where actor Sean Delaney talks about Kenny's demise. 

That's it for now, we'll see you here next week for episode two.

What are your reactions!?