'Orphan Black' Sugar-Coated Prize Pack Giveaway!

ATTENTION #CLONECLUB MEMBERS. Orphan Black Season 1 will be released on DVD/Blu-Ray July 16th. image To celebrate, we’re rewarding FIVE #CloneClub members with an EPIC ORPHAN BLACK PRIZE PACK in the... image Q: Really!? A: Yes. Really. Q: Wow. I love Orphan Black and I love prizes. What will be in this epic prize pack? A: Your prize pack will include tons of top-quality Orphan Black swag, including:
  • The OFFICIAL Orphan Black POSTER
  • The Orphan Black PILOT SCRIPT signed by Orphan Black creators, Graeme Manson and John Fawcett
  • Entertainment Weekly’s San Diego Comic Con BONUS ISSUE featuring cover girl Tatiana Maslany (Check out the issue cover here. It is phenomenal.)
  • Two boxes of Helena’s favorite red JELL-O.
  • Ten packets of SUGAR to enjoy on top of your Jell-O. Mmm!
image MMMMMMMMMMMMMM. SUUUUGARRRRRrrr SeeeeEStraaaaas. image *NO ASSEMBLY NECESSARY. SEVERED TAIL NOT INCLUDED. **ONE OF FIVE PRIZE PACKS WILL INCLUDE A VERY SPECIAL ADDITIONAL PRIZE: THE CLASH “LONDON CALLING” T-SHIRT. If this particular prize doesn’t make you hyperventilate with excitement, then this contest is not for you. image SWAG PIC TO DROOL OVER: image Q: Oh wow, I want all of those things, especially the sugar packets. How do I enter? A: Tweet tweets with hashtag #CloneClub and the @OrphanBlack handle. It is that easy. We will leave the rest of the message up to you. Tell us why you’re a fan of the show. Post fan art you made. Quote your favorite line. Write a haiku. Link to your favorite show clip. Tell your followers where to watch the series (with this handy link: http://bit.ly/w2wOrphanBlack). Be as creative as you want. Tweet as often as you want. Just include #CloneClub and @OrphanBlack and you’re IN. Q: When is this sugary sweet giveaway happening? A: It is happening RIGHT NOW. We will pick one winner a day starting July 11th until July 16th, which just happens to be the very day the DVDs are released. (“What great timing!” said someone who appreciates timely giveaways.) Q: Oh man, I hope I win. A: We are pulling for you. Q: I love reading legal documents and fine print. Where can I find the official rules to this contest? A: Right here: https://www.bbcamerica.com/terms-and-conditions/#twitter-rules Q: Anything else? A: Yes, actually, one more thing. As members of #CloneClub, it is your official duty to spread the word about Orphan Black. If you’re a winner, we’d love it if you had a little #CloneClub recruitment viewing party to binge watch your new DVDs. There’s enough Jell-O to go around, right? image Good luck, #CloneClub! Get tweetin’.