'Black'-Listed: Sarah & Fee's Playlists

Want a look at some of Sarah and Felix's favorite jams? We asked 'Orphan Black' co-creator Graeme Manson for a glimpse at character playlists. Read on and rock out. OrphanBlack-Playlists Graeme Manson: Sarah likes her music fast and loud from both sides of the pond. She devoured Mrs. S's record collection growing up, feasting on punk and new wave. As a foster kid and expat outsider, Sarah's always struggled with issues of identity. Listen to The Clash, London Calling and LCD Soundsystem, North American Scum back-to back, and you'll get an idea of her contradictions. (Same goes for our whole production team: "For those of you who still think we're from England – We're not!") The Ettes were a favorite band of the writer’s room and I like to think they’re Sarah’s current fave band, while the Clash is her all-time fave. (Remember Sarah's London Calling tee in the pilot? Well, can you spot Sarah in The Ettes tee in epidode 3? Under an Ettes song no less!) New Order? Blame Mrs. S’s record collection again, and this song kicks butt circa 2001, when Sarah was around 17 and a total hellion! Both Tatiana Maslany and I love The Prodigy, so this one’s for you Tat! Great Kool Keith rap on this track. The Raveonettes? Well, they’re from Denmark and make honey-sweet walls of sound. What more can you ask for? Besides volume! Swearin' – love this track! Just an awesome pop-punk record. Getting the picture? Sarah's all about punk, garage, hard electronic and Grrrrls! But if you're still trying to wrap your head around her, everything you could ever want to know about the Sarah we first meet on the train platform can be found in Social Distortion’s "I was Wrong." Felix, fabulous as he is, would take one look at Sarah's playlist and say something like this: "Hallo Dragsters. Oh my God. I'm sorry my sister assaulted your senses with her playlist. Her taste begins with UK punk and ends in a Detroit ditch. I was a punk too, but as a musical polyglot, I have to experience all the colours of the rainbow, don't I? And while you may be waiting with baited breath for my opera playlist - that requires too much thought for today. I considered some vintage Chicago house, or my favorite torch songs, but I'm feeling rather gauzy and twee. So here’s some ear worms for cleaning the house or waxing your nether regions or whatever. No sonic assaults, just some hum-along confections from yours truly, The Confectionaire, spinning cotton candy at Bobby's Bar on Happy Hour Sundays. Come on down." What music would YOU add to the soundtrack of 'Orphan Black?' Share your song suggestions below!