Recap Recap: The Best of Orphan Black Premiere Reviews Week

Enjoy the premiere, #CloneClub? Below is a summary of all the Orphan Black recap news that's fit to print. Goes without saying, SPOILERS AHEAD. If you haven't watched the season two premiere, click here to find out where to watch.

"Orphan Black has always been a fun show, but “Nature Under Constraint and Vexed” proves that it could be a great one. It’s the most cohesive episode the series has ever done, keeping the pace brisk enough so that everyone gets enough screen time without it feeling cluttered. And then, of course, there’s Tatiana Maslany. After months of telling people how good she is, I watched this premiere and realized that she’s easily ten times better. For evidence of her astonishing thoughtfulness, look no further than when Sarah’s pretending to be Cosima." – Caroline Framke, AV Club

”Show them. Shine.” - Alison’s creepy musical directorAlison’s doing some community theater this season. No, not Cats. Alison's taking Aynsley’s role in the play. One of the benefits of mistakenly murdering the lead. "Oh sweet, tightly wound, Alison. She wants nothing more than to remain oblivious in suburbia to the larger problems that surround her and thank goodness, because her misadventures continue to be endless well of comedy for the show. Her latest distraction is the Glendale Community Theater troupe where she has just been chosen as the lead in an as-yet-unnamed musical. Her rehearsal performance not only gave viewers a glimpse of Ms. Maslany’s dance and stage background, but provided another hilarious highpoint for that character.” – Adam W. Kepler, The New York Times "Holding a mop as she sings of bloodstains, her cast mates carrying jugs of bleach (appropriately enough, they're rehearsing a scene in which "everyone helps Sheila clean up after the unfortunate death"), Alison's moment in the spotlight is one of those gleefully unhinged moments that continue to make Orphan Black such a genuine surprise.” – Matt Brennan, Slant Magazine ”Shite.” - Sarah Manning as Cosima NiehausGet out your clone scorecards. It’s a classic Orphan Black clone swap! "Most impressive of all: Sarah needs to walk straight into the Neolutionist Lion's Den? Why, she just puts on glasses and dreadlocks, and voila: Cosima With More Eyeshadow! She talks straight to Leekie's face, in a decent approximation of Cosima's accent. (New theory: The series finale of Orphan Black will reveal that Sarah Manning moves to Hollywood and becomes the next Meryl Streep.)" – Darren Franich, Entertainment Weekly "Sarah catches the acting bug: Our favorite impersonator is at it again, but this time she pretends to be Cosima, and it's a testament to Maslany's skill that we as viewers can figure out it's really Sarah under those glasses and faux dreads through her performance. (Although Delphine, played by Evelyn Brochu, must have figured it out with a kiss.)" – Hanh Nguyen, TV Guide "There were so many wonderful, small moments in this episode -- Donnie coming out of the bedroom in the tiniest underwear ever to ask Alison about the noises he's hearing, Delphine giving Dr. Leekie a vial of Cosima's blood and swearing her allegiance, the running joke about "Cats," the truly funny attempt by Daniel's minions to pick up Alison after Sarah tricks him -- it's impossible to list them all. This was a whiz-bang return for the series, and one that stirred up plenty of questions.” – Liane Bonin Starr, HitFix "And now, some words to live by for the road: “Get your shit together, you silly tit.” –Caroline Framke, AV Club  This week's highlight clip: