Meet the Hive: Season Two Story Department

Graeme Manson really needed to be cloned this season. As executive producer and showrunner of Orphan Black, there's never enough of him to go around. Before creating Orphan Black, Graeme was no stranger to the genre, co-writing the Kafkaesque sci-fi horror film Cube, as well as hopping from cops to cowboys to comedy on TV. Karen Walton cut her genre teeth alongside John Fawcett, with the original much-beloved werewolf coming-of-age movie Ginger Snaps. Since then, Karen has taken on of all sorts of film and television genres, with writing credits spanning from searing true-life crime sagas like The Many Trials of One Jane Doe, to Queer As Folk (USA), to prime time cop dramas and mind-reading paramedics. Alex Levine has been through the wormhole and back on both Stargate: SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis, Flashpoint and King. A former lawyer, Alex is a good guy to have around when the law shows up (in the story, that is...). Russ Cochrane joined The Hive as a Consulting Producer for Season 2, moonlighting from his other job as Executive Producer of the hit drama series Rookie Blue on ABC/Global.  Russ has written and produced a variety of other popular drama series and cult favourites - as well as the award winning drama Last Exit, directed by Orphan Black co-creator, John Fawcett. Aubrey Nealon hails from British Columbia’s remote Slocan Valley where he grew up as the son of draft dogers. He comes to Orphan Black this season as co-producer and the scribe of episode 107. Aubrey started writing for television on Flashpoint and has since been a consulting producer and writer for Saving Hope and Rookie Blue. Tony Elliott is a time traveler, which explains why his fashion sense is so ahead of our time. In the past (or possibly, his future...), he worked on the science fiction web series State of Syn and the reality warping TV show Dark Oracle. His short Wakening also opened TIFF and appeared at Sundance this year. Chris Roberts is fairly new to the TV writing game, but his first gig (on Orphan Black) landed him exactly where he wanted to be. A fan-boy living the dream of working on a genre series, Chris is the writing room expert on all things genre and medical. And in a magnificent feat he welcomed two firsts into the world this season, a baby named James and his first hour of scripted TV. Alexandra Mircheff is the newest member of the Orphan Black hive. As a massive fan of the show, she couldn't be more excited to be part of Season Two. After a decade spent developing features in the Hollywood trenches, Alexandra took the plunge and followed her muse into TV. Before clones and conspiracies, she worked cops and cases on the drama Cracked.  Mackenzie Donaldson is an emerging producer and often described as assistant extraordinaire, as she has her finger on the pulse of everything OB related. When she isn’t running around from department to department, she’s working on her soon to be released web series Whatever, Linda and catching everyone else up on what TV they’ve missed, she watches everything.