10 Things to Know About Tatiana Maslany

1. She's played 12 clones in Orphan Black... so far. Tatiana plays Sarah, Beth, Katja, Alison, Cosima, Helena, Rachel, Danielle, Aryanna, Janika, Jennifer, and Tony in Orphan Black. tumblr_inline_mq1k0jT8AD1qz4rgp 2. Girl can dance. Tatiana always wanted to be a performer – she started as a dancer at age 4, and auditioned for her first theater role in the musical Oliver at age 9. 3. Thanks, Canada. Tatiana hails from Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada. 4. She’s a pro improver. Tatiana’s worked in professional improv for about 10 years. In high school, she participated in the Canadian Improv Games, and later joined the General Fools Improvisational Theatre group. tumblr_mq81sdmDAl1qahcb6o4_250tumblr_mq81sdmDAl1qahcb6o2_250tumblr_mq81sdmDAl1qahcb6o6_250 tumblr_mq81sdmDAl1qahcb6o1_250   5. Celebs love her. Patton Oswalt declared Tatiana “the best actress ALIVE right now.” Says Damon Lindelof, “It’s easier to believe they’re super talented triplets than it is that it’s just one person.” (via Buzzfeed) tumblr_mmn4ihLhl31r9zeo4o1_500 6. Critics love her, too. Tatiana won Best Actress in a Drama Series at the 2013 AND 2014 Critics’ Choice Television Awards. tumblr_mo7rhlL6Wj1r60rkio1_500 7. She can rollerblade. Showrunner Graeme Manson revealed that Tatiana arrived to her first audition on Rollerblades, tossing out a casual, “Hey guys.” (via Backstage) 8. She’s multilingual. “My mom taught me German before I knew English, and I went to French immersion school. It’s been around me," says Tatiana, whose mother is a French/English government translator. "I think because I learned it at a young age, your brain understands how languages are structured.” (via Buzzfeed) 9. She’s an Alison (who wishes she was a Sarah.) Which clone is Tatiana most like? “I wish I could say Sarah is most like me, because she’s very brave. But I think Alison is most like me. She was the scariest to play, because I felt I had to reveal a lot about myself.” 10. She works opposite tennis balls. To film multiclone scenes, Tatiana occasionally works opposite an X –mark or a tennis ball on a stick. Her favorite inanimate acting partner? “Definitely the tennis ball. Sometimes the crew would draw a little smiley face or a sad face on it, so it looks like a little head!” (via Details) Orphan Black returns to BBC AMERICA for its third season Spring of 2015. To catch up on the first season, click HERE.