New Trailer: Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem Reunite for 'Everybody Knows'

Married couple Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem are regular collaborators, co-starring in films like 1992's Jamón, Ramón, 2008's Vicky Christina Barcelona and more recently in 2017's Loving Pablo.

Why fix something if it's not broken? The two are teaming up again, for the 2019 crime drama Everybody Knows.

Everybody knows... what?

Cruz plays a Spanish woman named Laura, living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She returns to her small village in Madrid with her two children and that's where things begin to spiral. The joyous reunion is upended when her eldest daughter is kidnapped.

Bardem narrates the trailer, but it's not 100 percent clear what his character's relationship is to Laura. He seems to be a friend, but you never know, he could be a foe... the trailer tells us that there's someone who "knows the past," and "knows the truth." That someone might be close to Laura?

The story comes from Asghar Farhadi, who also directs. This is the follow-up to his 2017 Oscar-winning film The Salesman. In case you missed it, here's a look at the trailer for the 2016 film:

Are you keen to see these two collaborate once again?