New Trailer: James McAvoy and Sharon Horgan Team-Up for 'Together' Dramedy

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We know James McAvoy from X-Men and the more recent Split. And Sharon Horgan from the series Pulling and Catastrophe.

Who ever thought about these two together on-screen playing a married couple? Apparently, the folks over at Bleeker Street, because that's exactly what is happening in the forthcoming movie Together, reports 

A new trailer was just released, where we see the two go into lockdown together because of quarantine. They play a married couple, who are referred to as "He" and 'She," with a young son. The bickering kicks off pretty quickly, with McAvoy's character saying to his wife, "I hate your face." He doesn't just say it once, three times actually. He's not alone in it, with his wife continuing the squabble, saying later on in the clip, "I would love to pick that mushroom and watch that bastard die. >>Maniacal Laugh<< I mean, not really."

The two make digs at each other, but it's said in jest (or so we think).

While they struggle in quarantine and their little boy is noticing, they're not in a rush to go back to "normal," as that wasn't working.

She describes it as, "Running towards each other, at the speed of light, shouting, 'Get away from me.' I just, I can't do that anymore."

There is a lot going on in this marriage and it makes us wonder, would they have addressed these issues if it weren't for being stuck together.

Even McAvoy's character addresses that, saying, "I think there's a chance, that somehow we've ended up in this place, that is the love that exists beyond here. It's unique." His wife doesn't have such a romanticised perspective, clapping back, "Did you hear that in a song, or something?"

Oh man, are these two going to make it out to the other side?

That's up to writer Dennis Kelly and co-directors Stephen Daldry and Justin Martin.

And all us giving Together a watch, which releases on August 27.

This clip is filled with funny lines, do you have a favorite?