Martin Scorsese's Biopic/Crime Drama 'The Irishman' Gets a Full Trailer

If there ever was a mob moviemaking dream team, this might just be it. Martin Scorsese has cast an all-star lineup for his film The Irishman, including Robert De Niro, Joe PesciAl Pacino and Harvey Keitel. A mini-trailer went out in February, but now the official-official first look has been released.

De Niro plays the title role, Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran. The biopic tells of union labor leader Jimmy Hoffa (Pacino), who went missing in 1965 and the role that The Irishman, also a labor teamster, may have played in his disappearance.

Netflix released a video announcement earlier this year, but it only contained the audio of Hoffa and Sheeran talking over the phone, "meeting" for the first time. The official trailer has just been released today (July 31) and it rolls out the entire story... at least, what is known.

Whether or not The Irishman had something to do with Hoffa's disappearance is still up in the air:

The above includes the same phone conversation from the earlier clip, but lengthier and a bit more... revealing. Hoffa says to Sheeran, "Well, you know there's a situation going on now, Frank. Big business and the government are trying to pull us down. Do you want to be a part of this, Frank? Would you like to be a part of this history?"

Those are some very telling words, and what was Sheeran's answer? He was short and to the point, saying, "Yes, I would. Whatever you need me to do, I'm available."

Scorsese has worked with De Niro, Pesci and Keitel on earlier projects, but this is the first time up with Pacino.

The Irishman will premiere in theaters and via Netflix this fall.

Is this going on your watch list?