Martin Freeman Returns to Comedy with FX Series 'Breeders'

Martin Freeman is heading back to TV comedy, 17 years after his breakthrough as Tim Canterbury in The Office.

Variety reports the Sherlock star will play a put-upon dad who discovers he's not quite the man he thought he was in Breeders, a new ten-part series about the challenges of being a parent.

Daisy Haggard (Episodes) will be his co-star, and presumably co-parent too, in a show that explores the "parental-paradox" that it's simultaneously possible "to love your child to the horizon of the universe, while being apoplectically angry enough to want to send them there."

The show has been written by Simon Blackwell and Chris Addison, who previously worked together on The Thick of It and Veep, so expect some chaotic scenes that end in tears and public shame for all involved. So, parenting then.

It seems the announcement has brought out some child-like behavior already, with creator Blackwell quipping he's so excited he's been told "to go to bed and stop showing off."

Just as excited is Addison, who starred as special advisor Ollie in The Thick of It and recently branched out into directing films. "It's a treat to be cooking up stuff with my old comrade Simon Blackwell and the peerless Martin Freeman," he says. "We're very excited that FX and Sky have agreed to finance what is effectively us working through some of our own issues in the form of 10 half-hour sitcom episodes. Usually you have to pay for your own therapy."

As for Freeman, this will be his first out-and-out comedy role since a few years after The Office. He's tickled us plenty of times since, not least as Arthur Dent in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, or Benedict Cumberbatch's long-suffering pal Dr. John Watson in Sherlock, or in his Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated performance in Fargo, but it'll be fun watching him make us squirm with laughter again.

Breeders will air on FX in the U.S. in 2020.

Are you excited to see Martin Freeman play it for laughs again?