'Killing Eve's Owen McDonnell Talks About How Niko and Eve Got Together

Killing Eve is in full-swing, with episode four airing just last night. If you haven't seen it, you can have a catch-up with this play-by-play. If you did watch it in real time, then you know, this was Niko Polastri's time to shine.

Our sister blog AMC Talk had a chance to talk to Owen McDonnell, who plays Niko, about all things KE

Niko is basically Eve's on-again/off-again husband. He seems to have had enough of all of the nonsense and made his escape to Poland. Niko was born in England to Polish parents. So, he has dual citizenship and speaks the language. He's taken on a job as a delivery man, enjoying long, lazy drives on dusty roads.

This lifestyle seems to really suit him. How did he even get mixed up with an MI6 agent like Eve (Sandra Oh) back in London?

AMC Talk asked just that, noting that "Even in Season 1 there seemed to be a disconnect between Eve and Niko. How did a teacher and an MI6 agent even got together in the first place?"

McDonnell agrees that we meet Niko and Eve during a rough patch. He goes on to explain the status quo of their marriage, saying, "We (he and Sandra Oh) kept saying, when we started, theirs is a relationship that’s two people, and they love each other and they’re there for each other, but they’re at a stage in their relationship where they’re just missing each other slightly on a day-to-day level."

"They’re just not quite as in sync as they once were, and that’s the point where a relationship can turn and crumble or it’s the point in a relationship where you go, 'Hang on, we didn’t used to be like this. We used to have more of the fun that we only seldomly have now. Why don’t we work on this?' And that was just at the point where Villanelle came into their lives."

Oh man, Niko didn't have a fighting chance with a seductress like Villanelle after his wife.

Even so, McDonnell and Oh did dream up what their lives were like before, with him saying, "But the idea of how they met, yeah, we had a backstory for that. Because he’s a bridge teacher, she ended up coming to the bridge club and he chatted her up and they hit it off. There’s also a whole backstory about his parents and why they moved from Poland to England in the ’70s. So we were fairly thorough in what we discussed, on all the good things and the difficulties that they faced in their relationship."

Yeah, we can see it. When they met, Eve may not have been working for British intelligence. Her career may have evolved as their relationship dissolved. That's all speculative, but the latest episode and the full Q&A has really got us thinking.

If you haven't seen episode four just yet, you can find the full episode over at BBC America online. Eve is fighting for Niko, but he seems to have moved on and doesn't want to look back.

Killing Eve airs Sunday nights at 9pm EST on BBC America.

Do you think Niko should give Eve another chance?