'Killing Eve's Gemma Whelan Overlapped with Co-Star Fiona Shaw 20 Years Ago: 'She Probably Won't Remember'

Killing Eve is in full-swing, with episode three just airing this past Sunday, April 26. There are some new actors to look for in season three, including Gemma Whelan (Game of Thrones), who plays Carolyn Martens' (Fiona Shaw) daughter.

Our sister blog, AMC Talk, had a chance to catch-up with Whelan. They went over all the good stuff, like joining the already thriving series and her character development.

But, what stood out to us, is that Whelan had had a run-in with Shaw 20 years back. They didn't actually start on-screen together, with Whelan explaining, "She probably won’t remember it, but I did a Shakespeare workshop with her when I was training and I went and did my monologue for her. I’d say it was probably about fifteen, twenty years ago."

She goes on to describe the scene she performed, saying, "I did some sort of iteration of a speech from King John for her. Anyway, whatever it was, she was very kind about it."

Whelan doesn't expect Shaw to remember the acting exercise, but clearly it made an impact on the young actress, then and now: "So yeah it was just really incredible to me — in the same show with her and, not only that, but to play her daughter and for her to be so warm and embracing and generous and lovely immediately with me. It was a real dream job, I have to say."

If you need some speeding up, here's an introduction to Geraldine:


If you'd like to read the exclusive interview in its entirety, you can swing by AMC Talk. 

Killing Eve airs on Sunday nights at 9pm EST on BBC America. You can watch the latest episode on BBCAmerica.com or the BBCA app now!

Are you enjoying the dynamic between Geraldine and Carolyn so far?