'Killing Eve's Fiona Shaw Returns to the Screen for 'Kindred'

(Photo: Getty Images)

We've had the pleasure of enjoying Fiona Shaw as the formidable MI6 agent Carolyn Martens in the first three seasons of BBC America's Killing Eve. KE is currently on hiatus, with a fourth series to come. 

But, that doesn't mean Shaw is on a break — she's been working on the new movie Kindred, reports Empire Online.  The story revolves around a young married couple who are newly pregnant. They drive to the country to deliver the good news to the husband's mother (Shaw).

She is thrilled about the baby, but, ahem, not so happy to hear the couple are relocating to Australia.

In a tragic turn of events, her son (Edward Holcroft) is killed in an accident, leaving his young wife (Tamara Lawrance) a widow and... stuck at this manor with her troubling mother-in-law.

Shaw's character is left with another son (Jack Lowden), and the two of them offer to take care of the expectant mother, which she agrees to reluctantly. But, in a scene in the trailer, we see the young woman pull a bit of white out of her tea, leaving her suspicious that they are drugging her.

That can't be good for mum or baby.

Kindred will release in the U.K. on June 25, via Sky and in the U.S. via Amazon Prime.

Are you up for more Shaw!? Even if a little bit scary...