Behind the Music of 'Killing Eve': Episode 2

Editor's Note: Every week, you can find the latest episode's songs to obsess over added to BBC America's Killing Eve Spotify playlist. And every week, Music Supervisors Catherine Grieves and David Holmes (who also serves as composer with Keefus Ciancia and part of featured band Unloved), will take us behind the music they selected for each episode.

Here are our key tracks from Episode2:

This is one of our favourite episodes, with the introduction of a brilliantly creepy new character, Julian. We only use a couple of commercial tracks, with David and Keefus’ dark score featuring heavily to bring out the whirlwind of emotions, tension and drama.

"I’m Gonna Haunt You" – Fabienne DelSol

Villanelle is on the hunt for Eve, so we needed a track that had a threatening element to it, but also worked with the comedy in the scene. Fabienne DelSol is perfect for our Killing Eve sound world, with 1960s garage rock influences, and a mischievous tone. The lyrics are a great fit too — obsession and revenge.

"Comment Ça Se Danse" – Bertrand Belin

This is a beautiful song. There’s a big build-up of tension and violence in the previous scenes, and Comment Ça Se Danse creates a release. This track breaks our usual “rules” — we’re in Basildon, but the song is French, and it’s a male vocal — but we found that the emotion in the song worked so well, bringing out Villanelle’s vulnerability, everyone fell in love with it.

-Catherine Grieves & David Holmes