‘Killing Eve’: That First Kiss and More Holy Sh*t Moments From Episode 3

The latest episode of Killing Eve, "Meetings Have Biscuits" rivaled the season premiere in terms of scenes that left us absolutely shook. Not only did we get some iconic new kills, but also a "bin baby," bus fighting, bus kissing (!!!), and some Villanelle/Konstantin pillow talk. Let's dive in and address all this delicious madness.

1. Villanelle's Bullseye

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In the episode’s opening scene, Villanelle is back in chameleon mode, sporting baggy overalls and a colorful hair wrap while tuning a piano in a gorgeous Spanish mansion. She’s very believable as some kind of whimsical TaskRabbit, and the lady of the house snootily reminds her to treat the instrument with respect (subtext: no grubby fingers, peasant). After setting the mood musically by pounding a single key over and over again, Villanelle sets off with her usual pre-kill swagger to take out said snooty lady with a perfectly aimed dagger dart.

Villanelle shows great restraint by not immediately yelling “BULLSEYE!” afterwards. That makes one of us.

2. Bin Baby


For us, this live-baby-in-a-garbage-can scene was even more intense to watch than the dagger-dart murder that preceded it. That’s just the wicked magic of Killing Eve. Clearly, Villanelle didn’t get the memo to never bring a baby (of your murder victim) to brunch, and Dasha is understandably peeved. When their conversation is continually interrupted by the tot’s cries, she takes it upon herself to remove the distraction… by placing the baby in a nearby rubbish bin. And we hold our breath. Dasha casually strolls back to her breakfast vodka, Villanelle giggles in appreciation at the “joke,” the women discuss a potential London assignment, and horrified pedestrians hear and retrieve the child in the background. Finally, exhale. Babies really don’t belong in bins (nor, to be fair, at brunch).

3. Eve and Villanelle's First Kiss

Watching this scene, we felt exactly as stunned as both Eve and Villanelle looked while tangled up on that bus, impulsively locking lips. Their first kiss has finally happened, and while it was just as passionate, violent, and complicated as we would have expected, we truly did not see it coming at this moment.

Killing Eve has been letting the tension simmer for over two seasons now, and at this point the connection between these two women is so rich with complexity that any and every interaction feels like enough to sustain us.An actual kiss, however, has never really felt inevitable, and particularly not mid-fight on a double-decker bus. Maybe it’s the very suddenness of it that makes it feel so real, though... plus the headbutt that immediately follows it. Let's just take one more look, for good measure:


Eve definitely seems to initiate it, and Villanelle definitely seems to lose herself in it… but WHAT DOES IT REALLY MEAN?! Has anything actually changed?

4. Accountant Kill

After a snack-heavy stakeout, Carolyn and Mo wind up in a car with none other than Charles Krueger, who they believe to be the accountant for The Twelve. We know he’s deep into something illegal after watching his tense catch-up Konstantin earlier, but it still gives us a major jolt when Villanelle, posed as a motorcycle cop, takes him out with a bullet to the head. Naturally V makes it seem like she's aiming right at Carolyn instead, and naturally it gave us quite the mini heart attack.

5. Villanelle and Konstantin's Pillow Talk

These two have always had a penchant for surprising each other, but this time Villanelle takes it to a whole new level by waiting for Konstantin under his covers. Does this guy seriously not check the bed for monsters before getting in? Especially in his line of work!

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Once Konstantin gets over his shock, the two snuggle in for some typical nighttime chatter about topics such as their days (she killed an accountant earlier), money troubles (he needs 6m euros by tomorrow), and family life (she thinks she was a cute baby, he thinks she was “ugly as hell”). Their pillow talk culminates with her demanding he smell her, which she did to Eve on the bus as well. Her new scent has got her feeling all kinds of powerful.

BONUS: We obviously have to give a special mention for Carolyn's iconic bubble bath moment. It's where she does her best thinking, so get over it already, Eve.

The next episode of Killing Eve premieres this Sunday at 9 pm EST, and the wait is going to be absolute torture.

Until then... what's been your favorite moment of the season so far?!