'Killing Eve' Star Dame Harriet Walter Says She's Up for Playing a Bond Villain

New Killing Eve star Dame Harriet Walter has revealed she's definitely up for playing a Bond villain.

Walter, who's currently portraying Dasha, a Russian athlete-turned-spy who once trained and mentored Jodie Comer's Villanelle, drew comparisons between playful villains in the 007 franchise and the "fantastical" dark comedy of Killing Eve.

After saying the idea of becoming a Bond baddie is "of course" appealing to her, Walter told RadioTimes.com: “But yes, there’s always a twinkle in the eye. I don’t really think I want to get into a very serious character where you’ve got to get really psychologically involved in somebody who’s a murderer, I think that would be very horrible.

"Whereas this is sort of playful, there’s always a playful tone in Killing Eve," she continued. "Even though dangerous things happen, it’s always on a pretty fantastical level, and that makes it entertainment. And, for me, Bond villains always have a twinkle in their eye, you know.”


Walter, whose other recent credits include Succession, Patrick Melrose, and Belgravia, also said she's relishing playing Dasha, a character so different to the poised British figures she's often cast as.

“I think it’s so rare that when you’re older you get to play somebody badly behaved,” Walter said. “And also, somebody who’s got a lot of energy, physical energy, and still can pack a punch…

“Normally I would probably play some sort of cool top-ranking person, possibly in the Russian establishment or MI5 or something. And instead, it’s great for me that somebody had the imagination to make me into such a wacko.”

You can catch Dame Harriet Walter as Dasha in season three of Killing Eve, which airs Sundays at 9pm EST on BBC America.

What kind of Bond villain can you imagine Dame Harriet Walter playing?