'Killing Eve' Showrunner Suzanne Heathcote Hints at What to Expect in Season 3

Our sister blog AMC Talk had the chance to talk to Killing Eve's new showrunner and lead writer Suzanne Heathcote. She covers loads in the exclusive interview, like stepping into an already iconic TV phenomenon and what her "a-ha" moment was as a writer.

KE makes its return for season three on April 12. April may seem far off-ish, but our favorite killer-thriller will be back before we know it. It sneaks up on you like that.

We're going to get straight to it: what can fans look forward to in the upcoming season?

Heathcote gives some foresight about our favorite psychopath, played by Jodie Comer, saying, "I’m really excited about Villanelle’s journey this season. I think we see elements of her character that we’ve never seen before and begin to understand who she is as a person."

And, as viewers of KE know, we can't have Villanelle without her counterpart Eve (Sandra Oh). We will surely be seeing more of this unofficial MI6 agent, with Heathcote pointing out, "Similarly with Eve, we really get to see deeper layers of Eve, and her really coming to terms with the person she is now."

Heathcote hints at the season two finale and how it's impacted Eve, explaining, "She’s forever changed because of what happened to her and what she’s been through, and it’s really about seeing her now, this new version of herself, and her acceptance of herself, which is very exciting and really takes her into new places."

Alright, we're caught up with the leading ladies. And, what about their handlers?

Heathcote doesn't disappoint, elaborating on the women's respective point person: "Carolyn (Fiona Shaw) and Konstantin (Kim Bodnia), it’s about seeing these characters in a deeper way as well this season, and understanding their personal lives, and how those personal lives really feed into their professional lives. It’s about getting into deeper pockets of the characters and seeing them in a new way."

If you're not quite caught up on season two, here's a teaser going into the finale:


And now, let's take a peek at season three:


The above is just a sampling of what Heathcote had to reveal, if your interest is now piqued, you can find the entire interview over at AMC Talk. 

What are you doing on April 26? Cancel it — because Killing Eve is back!!

Are you feeling prepared for the return of Villanelle and Eve?