10 'Killing Eve' Characters Who Are Gone but Not Forgotten

As Killing Eve's fourth and final season progresses with new episodes airing Sundays on BBC America, it's making us nostalgic for the characters, good and not quite so good, that we lost along the way. Here's an affectionate reminder of 10 supporting players who helped make this award-winning show what it is.
1. Bill Pargrave (David Haig)
As Head of Security at MI5, Bill wasn't just Eve's boss, but also a close confidant. During a trip to Berlin, Bill cements their friendship by speaking candidly about his open marriage and wild younger years. But, just a few scenes later, Villanelle claims him as her latest victim. It's a shocking plot twist that still makes us gasp.

2. Kenny Stowton (Sean Delaney)
We're also still mourning Kenny, who fell to his death in season three after a tense meeting with Konstantin. Initially, he seemed dominated by his mother, which is understandable when your mother is Carolyn Martens. But over time, Kenny grew in confidence and became a moral compass for the MI6 team. He wasn't just a tech whiz, but a thoroughly decent guy to boot.

3. Julian (Julian Barratt)
A memorable guest in season two, Julian ranks among Killing Eve's creepiest characters. After taking in an injured Villanelle, he became increasingly controlling and tried to cut her off from the outside world. (Kathy Bates in Misery could have served as his inspiration.) Julian picked the wrong victim, and by the end of the episode he ends up dead with a toilet brush shoved down his throat. Tough luck, mate. 

4. Dasha Duzran (Harriet Walter)
Villanelle's mentor was a truly formidable woman who retained the athleticism of a gymnast despite chain-smoking for literal decades. Empathy wasn’t exactly her strong point, though, and her misguided efforts to create a rift between Villanelle and Eve ultimately led to her death. Still, it took both of them, plus Konstantin, to make sure Dasha was gone for good.

5. Jess (Nina Sosanya)
When Jess joined Carolyn's MI6 team in season two, we were sold on her from the start. She was smart, calm under pressure, and willing to call out Hugo when he behaved like an entitled posh-boy. Actually, can we put in a request now for a Jess and Hugo spin-off series? Maybe set in Mallorca? 

6. Geraldine Stowton (Gemma Whelan)
When she popped up in season three, Carolyn's daughter Geraldine tried her best to bond with her mother, but it never quite happened. At one point, Carolyn compared her to a carrot. Eventually, Geraldine read out a heartfelt letter to her mother, apologizing for past mistakes and asking for a reconciliation. But heartbreakingly, Carolyn just asked her to leave, explaining that the situation had become too dangerous for her to stay. No, you have something in your eye.


7. Raymond Algaron (Adrian Scarborough)
Employed by The Twelve, Raymond appeared in season three with a clearly defined mission: execute Villanelle, who by this point was no longer deemed useful. A shadowy and rather arrogant figure, he seemed poised to pull it off, until Eve arrived brandishing an axe. R.I.P. Raymond. Close, but no hit man's bonus.

8. Paul Bradwell (Steve Pemberton)
When Paul is brought in to supervise the increasingly chaotic Russia Desk, Carolyn isn't happy about it. At all. To her, he's a "Whitehall warrior" who shouldn't be interfering with her work. Their professional relationship doesn't exactly improve from this point on, and he ends his Killing Eve stint being shot in the head by... you've guessed it, Carolyn.

9. Elena Felton (Kirby Howell-Baptiste)
Eve was so impressed with Elena, her season one assistant, that she brought her along for the ride when she transferred from MI5 to MI6. In fairness, there's a lot to admire about Elena: she's ambitious, clearly looks up to Carolyn, and extricated herself from Eve's increasingly dangerous mission before it was too late. It's hard not to respect her for that.


10. Niko Polastri (Owen McDonnell)
How could we not include Niko? He's a true victim of Eve and Villanelle's mutual fascination. First, Eve and Villanelle's connection drives a wedge between him and Eve, causing his marriage to crumble — then it ends up costing him his life. Niko wasn't necessarily a perfect husband, especially when he got close to his coworker Gemma in season two, but he was sweet, patient, and great at making Shepherd's pie. Thanks for the memories, Mr. P. 

Which departed Killing Eve character do you miss the most?