'Killing Eve': 10 Jobs Carolyn Would Smash If She Wasn't In MI6

The latest episode of Killing Eve gave us a glimpse into Carolyn Martens' younger days in Berlin. This got us thinking: what jobs would Carolyn absolutely smash if her life had gone differently and she hadn't become an MI6 boss? Here are 10 roles we reckon she has the right skillset and attitude for.
1. Hotel manager
This one's a no-brainer. As Fiona Shaw told us recently, Carolyn "loves being in hotels." Of course, it couldn't just be any hotel. We're thinking somewhere grand but discreet in the south of France: the sort of place that has a designated cocktail hour and slightly battered antique furniture in every room. Carolyn would preside over it like a grande dame, responding to guest complaints with nothing more than a raised eyebrow. Needless to say, those guests would wish they'd never made the complaint in the first place...
2. Hotel inspector
On the other hand, Carolyn's talents might be better employed on the other side of the check-in desk. She's a stickler for detail, maintains very high standards, and isn't afraid to tell it exactly like it is.  And this way, she'd get to travel the world visiting dozens of hotels every year. 

3. Schoolmistress
Obviously, she would have to be the principal; and obviously, the school would be pretty fancy. We're thinking the sort of posh British boarding school that Hugo Tiller (Edward Bluemel) might have attended. Maybe in a parallel universe, Carolyn was Hugo's teacher rather than his boss?
4. Pilot
This suggestion is really based on the fact that Carolyn could totally pull off a pilot's uniform. But, she'd also be incredibly cool under pressure, which is pretty much essential when you're steering a Boeing 777 through turbulence.
5. Climate change activist
Now, here's an interesting idea: what if Carolyn used all her tactical élan not for MI6, but for some kind of grassroots protest group? As Fiona Shaw told us, Carolyn is very much a "rulebreaker" and an "anarchist," so she might thrive on using unusual (and possibly illegal) means for a cause she truly believes in. We know one thing: a protest march led by Carolyn would run like clockwork.
6. Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Carolyn definitely has the natural gravitas and leadership skills for "the top job," but it could be a little office-bound for her. She's made it very clear that she doesn't like bureaucrats. Still, if her team built plenty of international travel into her schedule, we reckon Carolyn might just go for it. And we know we'd vote for her.

7. British ambassador to Germany
Now that we know Carolyn spent some of her formative years in Germany, this prestigious role seems like a perfect fit. She'd just need to watch her blunt tongue; after all, it's called diplomacy for a reason. 
8. Sports agent
Tough negotiator? Check. Nerves of steel? Check. Master gameplayer? Check. We would absolutely bet on Carolyn getting the best deal for her client.
9. Homicide detective
Carolyn is intelligent, intuitive, and aloof: ideal qualities for someone who has to investigate complex and unpleasant crimes without getting too emotionally involved. We can see her as a formidable and somewhat maverick Detective Chief Inspector working for London's Metropolitan Police. In a parallel universe, Carolyn might even bump up against Helen Mirren's Prime Suspect character, DCI Jane Tennyson. 
10. News anchor
Carolyn would have no interest in the celebrity profile that comes with being on TV. But if she could be persuaded to give it a try, she would make a terrific newscaster. Why? Because when Carolyn tells us something, even something that seems quite unlikely, we can't help but believe her. 
What job can you picture Carolyn doing if she wasn't in MI6?