Judi Dench to Explore Her Family History on 'Who Do You Think You Are?'

(Photo: Getty Images)

This is not a drill: Dame Judi Dench is to explore her family history on a U.K. episode of Who Do You Think You Are?.

According to a press release shared by Cult Box, Dench's episode will begin with her father, Reginald, who was apparently reluctant to speak about his experiences in the First World War. "Traveling further into her family history," the release continues, "Judi's investigations lead her to Denmark and nobility, where she discovers, to her delight, some incredible Shakespearean links."

Dench, 86, was born in 1934 in the historic English city of York to Reginald Dench, a doctor, and Eleanora, who he met while studying medicine at Trinity College Dublin. It will surely be fascinating to watch her delve back deeper into her family tree, especially if it means finding out if acting really is in her blood.

You can whet your appetite below by checking out a hilarious Shakespeare-related anecdote that Dench shared during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show.

You can also watch Dench in the recently released trailer for Belfast, the upcoming film from Sir Kenneth Branagh, which he has described as his most "personal" to date.

Are you looking forward to seeing Dame Judi Dench on Who Do You Think You Are?