Helen Mirren Leads an All-Star Cast in the Forthcoming Murder-Mystery 'Sniff'

(Photo: Getty Images)

Helen Mirren has signed on for a new role. You can look for her in the forthcoming noir film Sniff, reports Empire Online. 

It's not just Mirren, she'll be starring opposite Morgan Freeman, Al Pacino and Danny DeVito. We did mention this is an all-star lineup and that was not an overestimate.

The story is set in a wealthy retirement community, where two of the residents are found dead. They didn't just pass away peacefully in their sleep, but under "suspicious circumstances."

That's where Freeman comes in, starring as a detective called in to investigate. Freeman is set to portray Joe Mulwray, who is retired, but returns to sleuthing when it appears he's needed. He's joined by his former partner, William Keys, played by DeVito.

According to Empire, it's not your typical senior home, but it acts as a cover for an underground world of sex, drugs and ultimately, murder. For anyone who thinks life stops in a person's 60s or 70s, they're... wrong. At least, not in this case.

This criminal ongoing is run by kingpin Harvey Stride, who will be portrayed by Pacino. And, who is is his right-hand woman? That would be our dear Mirren. She is set to star as his "femme fatale enforcer," The Spider.

Ooh, we can definitely see her as one to put the mean into the lean, getting information out of others. Let's hope that's all The Spider does.

We do like seeing Mirren playing bad, like in the Fast and Furious franchise as Queenie, but not too bad. Like, killer bad.

And, if you're curious how they came up with the title of the movie, Sniff stands for Senior Nursing Institute & Family Foundation.

The script is written by Tom Grey (Player Piano) and the movie will be directed by Taylor Hackford (The Devil's Advocate).

The project is in the early stages, with filming predicted to start in 2022.

Are you up for more Dame Helen Mirren up on the big screen?