Georgia Tennant on Filming 'Staged' at Home with Hubby David Tennant: 'We'd Always Been a Very Private Couple'

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Doctor Who's David Tennant has been a regular on Anglophenia for a while. Now his wife Georgia Tennant is joining the ranks of Anglo favorites, popping up on the blog this past year. 

The couple typically lives a pretty private life, so we don't have a lot of photos of them together. The Tennants have five children, ranging from baby to teenager. We're guestimating that red carpet events are not high on their list of priorities.

Even so, David and Georgia filmed the DIY series Staged during quarantine, giving fans a peek at their home life.

Georgia recently talked to The Guardian about what that was like. She kicks off the conversation by saying, "We’d always been a very private couple. Staged was everything we’d never normally say yes to. Suddenly, our entire house is on TV and so is a version of the relationship we’d always kept private. But that’s the way to do it, I guess. Go to the other extreme. Just rip off the Band-Aid."

While she may have been conflicted about inviting viewers into their home (figuratively, of course), it seems to have worked out, with a second season being signed off on. 

In the interview, she mentions their having five children, saying they decided where to film based on "which room was available."

The series is centered on two out-of-work actors, with David and Michael Sheen playing exaggerated versions of themselves. And, as one might expect, sometimes the fictional bits are believed to be true. Georgia points out that people think she's a novelist, because her character in Staged is.

She shares a funny anecdote, saying, "They’ve (fans) asked where they can buy my book. I should probably just write one now because I’ve done the marketing already."

To that, we say, why not? She already has interested buyers!

And, now onto the important stuff, how real is their home? Was it kept the way it always is, or was it "staged"? Georgia provides a fun and unexpected answer, saying she had to "add a bit of mess" because she's so tidy to begin with. She elaborates on the reasoning: "I’m quite a tidy person, but I didn’t want to be one of those annoying Instagram people with perfect lives. So strangely, I had to add a bit of mess… dot a few toys around in the background. I didn’t want to be one of those insufferable people, even though, inherently, I am one of those people."

If someone describes themselves as insufferable, they're probably not. It's the people who are completely unaware... but, that's a tangent.

Speaking of tidying, we'll tidy up this story with a tidbit on season two of Staged. Georgia gives some insight on what to expect, saying, "Everyone’s in limbo. Just as we think things are getting back to normal, we have to take three steps back again. Everyone’s dealing with that differently, shall we say."

You can check out the entire interview over at The Guardian, which expands on children photobombing their scenes, tips on video conferencing and managing lockdown in general.

If Staged is new to you, here's a peek at season one, with Georgia and David in the garden:

Is Georgia Tennant going on your list of favorites?