#GalaxyOfWomen: BBC America and Women's Media Center Launch Strategic Alliance

BBC AMERICA and WOMEN’S MEDIA CENTER have entered into a strategic alliance, with the goal of expanding both the diversity and representation of women in media. In the coming months, BBC AMERICA and WOMEN’S MEDIA CENTER will partner on initiatives to enrich, engage, and enlighten through proprietary analysis and content alliances as a way to spark change. The first partnership is a research study that will look at how depictions of women on screen impact young women and girls, with findings to be published later this year.

Founded in 2005 by Jane Fonda, Robin Morgan, and Gloria Steinem, the WOMEN’S MEDIA CENTER is an inclusive and feminist organization that works to ensure women’s realities are covered and women’s voices are heard.

“The WOMEN’S MEDIA CENTER has an awesome mission — to ensure women’s voices are heard.  They have been doing extraordinary work in furthering this goal for many years,” said BBC AMERICA President and GM Sarah Barnett. “We at BBC AMERICA are beyond privileged to work with them to advance the ways in which women are represented in the stories we see on television, and a crucial part of this is who gets to tell the stories. Representation matters: if you can’t see her, you can’t be her. We are so proud to be engaged in an alliance that sets out to expand what can be seen.”

“These are times that call for sweeping and sustainable changes,” said Pat Mitchell, WOMEN’S MEDIA CENTER co-chair. “The WOMEN’S MEDIA CENTER’s work to shine a light on the status of women in Hollywood — and on all media platforms – is more important than ever. It is very heartening to walk this walk with a media leader like Sarah Barnett, president of BBC AMERICA. Ultimately, changes must come from those who hold the power, and we know that few, if any, power holders throughout history have given up power without a struggle.  Which is why we are so grateful for the BBC AMERICA team and their strategic alliance with the WOMEN’S MEDIA CENTER to help elevate and amplify more women in media.”

The alliance with WOMEN’S MEDIA CENTER is part of BBC AMERICA’s recently-launched “Galaxy of Women” initiative. “Galaxy of Women” spotlights the phenomenal women across the network and connects with fans while highlighting the everyday powerhouse women and girls around us.  From Orphan Black’s sestras to Killing Eve’s beloved assassin and spy, and the pioneering first female Doctor on Doctor Who – BBC AMERICA’s vibrant female universe allows audiences to ponder the possibilities of their own barrier-breaking opportunities of the future.  The “Galaxy of Women” initiative aspires to change how we see women, how we listen to women, and how we experience them across media and culture to more accurately and authentically reflect the audience.