Dan Stevens Portrays a German Robot in ‘I’m Your Man’

(Photo: Getty Images)

That is a lot for one headline. Dan Stevens in a new movie is enough in itself to get our attention, but to learn he’ll be portraying a robot, who speaks German… we are slightly floored (in a good way).

You can look for Stevens in the forthcoming movie I’m Your Man as an AI named Tom, reports Empire.

The story is set in Berlin, which explains him speaking German, and revolves around a woman named Maria (Maren Eggert), who works at a prestigious museum as a scientist. In an attempt to raise funds for the organization, Maria agrees to take part in a three-week study, in which she lives with Tom.

He is programmed for one thing only: to make her happy.

In the new trailer, we see Tom attempt to woo her over some Bordeaux wine at a dance club:

It’s fun to see Stevens take on a foreign language and deliver his lines in such a romantical manner.

While these two don’t hit it off straight away, we are extremely intrigued to see what transpires.

During their first date, Maria asks Tom a number of questions to get to know him, with one being, “What is the saddest thing you can think of?” with him responding, “Dying alone.”

We do love a good AI story, because it asks the questions that make one think about the meaning of life.

But, rather than getting too heavy, Tom suggests they dance, “Rumba!” He read our minds, we were thinking the same thing, wishing they’d hop up and get on the floor.

This love affair seems promising and so does the movie. You can look for I’m Your Man on August 13.

Are you keen to see Dan Stevens in a foreign language film?