Casting News: Maisie Williams to Star in Thriller 'The Owners'

The release of Maisie Williams' X-Men spinoff The New Mutants keeps getting pushed back, but that's not holding Williams back from moving on to new projects.

While we hope the former does come to fruition, we're excited to learn about her latest casting. She is currently filming the 1990s-set thriller The Owners, reports Deadline. The story is based on Belgian artist Hermann Huppen's comic book, revolving around childhood friends, Nathan and Terry, now 20. They find themselves broke and desperate, living in rural England.

Against their better judgment, they are talked into a robbing a house, by a new friend who has just moved to town.

And, where does Williams come in? She's set to play Mary, girlfriend to Nathan. But, she's no doting wallflower. Mary is the sole voice of reason in this ill-fated plan. When the owners return unexpectedly, Mary is left to fight for her life.

According to Deadline, filming has begun in Kent, England, outside of London, and is being shot in a Victorian mansion. Julius Berg (The Crimson Rivers) is set to direct. The cast is rounded out with Ian Kenney (Dublin Murders), Andrew Ellis (This Is England '90) and Jake Curran (Journey's End).

Williams is finishing up her run as Arya Stark in the final season of Game of Thrones. And if you want more Maisie, you can go back and catch up with her as Ashildr/Me in her four-episode arc on Doctor Who.

What do you think of Maisie's latest role?