Brenda Blethyn Has Completed Season 11 of ‘Vera’ and Is Debating a Season 12

Brenda Blethyn has given an update on the future of Vera, saying another season depends on "putting my priorities in order."

Blethyn has starred as DCI Vera Stanhope in the British crime series based on Ann Cleeves' novels since it launched in 2011. A pair of episodes filmed during the U.K.'s Coronavirus lockdown are due to premiere on British network ITV later this month, followed by an 11th season in 2022.

Asked about reprising her role for a 12th season after that, Blethyn told the Radio Times: "At the end of filming every season I think, 'Oh, thank the Lord I'm going home. Never again.' But it's like having a lovely slap-up meal. You've eaten too much. You couldn't eat another morsel. And you're shown the menu again. 'Take it away, take it away!' But then a week later you get hungry again. By the time I go back to Newcastle [where Vera is filmed] again I’m always very much looking forward to it."

Blethyn, who received Oscar nominations for her performances in the films Secrets & Lies (1996) and Little Voice (1998), added: "It rather depends on the COVID situation and putting my priorities in order."

However, Blethyn also spoke enthusiastically about portraying Vera in a special episode based on Cleeves' latest novel, The Darkest Evening.

"The Darkest Evening is a great read. A terrific story. Telling a little more of Vera’s background,” Blethyn said. "I would love to film it one day. There is a lot of snow in it so it would be a great Christmas special. And I mean a lot of snow. Scotland maybe. Or Iceland? Or what about Norway? That'd be nice."

We recently included Blethyn's DCI Vera Stanhope in our feature on female detectives who helped to set the bar. You can stream previous seasons of Vera over on Acorn TV.

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