Anglo Files: A Case Study on the Then and Now of ‘Killing Eve’s Konstantin

(Photo: BBC America) 
We’re heading into episode seven of Killing Eve. With only two episodes left -- the eighth episode being the finale -- let’s put a spotlight on the characters.
We’d like to get in on the spy game ourselves and have created our own set of files, investigating KE’s four leads, starting off with the one and only Eve, followed by her counterpart Villanelle. Next up, we have the gregarious Konstantin and we'll end with the woman who is the glue of this agenda-driven group, Carolyn. You can look for that one next week.
Let’s get to it and do some digging on where Konstantin started and his progression:
1. Konstantin has a lot to handle.
In season one, we met Konstantin, Villanelle’s handler. Villanelle is a killer for hire, with Konstantin doling out her assignments. It’s not just that, he also acts as a friend, confidant, and sometimes a therapist. Villanelle is good at what she does, but murdering for a living can take a toll on a person.
As the season progresses, we see Konstantin advising Villanelle, but at the same time, they have their playful moments. Konstantin’s now famous laughter is not only infectious, it's to die for. But some moments can turn serious, like when Konstantin asks Villanelle to pull back, which she ignores.
As a punishment, Konstantin teams Villanelle up with two other assassins. She's no longer deemed fit to work alone. Unfortunately, she doesn’t play well with others. In a turn of events, Villanelle agrees to go under cover in a prison in an attempt to gain intel.
There, we see Konstantin meeting with MI6 agent Carolyn, Eve’s boss. It seems these two know each other.
2. Konstantin takes a step back.
When we regroup for season two, Villanelle is injured and down for the count. Konstantin's handling duties are not needed, as she’s not able to work. Once recovered, Villanelle has a new handler. Konstantin is still in the picture, but he’s no longer overseeing her. Both know the new handler is dangerous, and he advises Villanelle on how to protect herself.
Even though Villanelle has a new handler, that doesn’t mean she can’t have two. Konstantin gives her an assignment in Amsterdam, landing her in the Red Light District. He says to her, “Don’t be snob. This kind of work pays a lot.”
Let’s just say, by the end of the season, no more handler (thanks to Eve). Konstantin can go back to being Villanelle’s full-time boss. And, we're happy to see this. It's as it should be. These two balance each other out. 
Konstantin isn’t territorial, treating Villanelle as an asset. He genuinely cares for her.
3. Konstantin gets strategic.  
By season three, Konstantin goes beyond handling, because now he’s doing his own spying. He befriends Carolyn’s daughter, Geraldine. He unsuspectingly gives her a magnet, which Geraldine hangs on the fridge at Carolyn’s flat. The magnet doubles as a recording device.
While Konstantin is up to something, he's still busy at his “day job” managing Villanelle. Villanelle would like to expand on her job description and is looking for a promotion. She goes over Konstantin’s head, turning to French assassin Hélène for consult.
In other areas of the spy game, a large sum of money is missing from The 12, a clandestine group who also specialize in killing. It seems Konstantin is involved. It’s not clear to what extent, but those looking for the money are closing in.
Konstantin is an independent person by nature, primarily working on his own, when the situation allows him to do so. But now that he’s being cornered, he doesn’t have a support group to lean on.
4. Konstantin removes himself from the game.
We’re now in season four, and looking back, yes, Konstantin was involved in the money heist, but Carolyn took care of business. Eve and Villanelle were in the room too, but at the end of it, they all went their separate ways.
Funnily enough, we find Konstantin as mayor of a small village in Russia. It does suit him, but it suits him a little too well. He completely gave up his lifetime career as a crimester and is now working on the other side of the law. Well, some may debate politics is a mixture of both, but we digress.
At first glance, playing mayor may be an act, but we are not seeing any involvement with Villanelle, Eve or Carolyn. But, he does get a phone call, which turns out to be from Hélène. She has an assignment for him.
While he may have separated himself from his former group, it seems he may have a new alliance.
5. Konstantin is brought back in.
As we make our way through the final season, Konstantin is teamed up with an assassin wannabe, named Pam. She is promoted from wannabe to assassin-in-training. Konstantin doesn’t think she’s ready to be sent out into the field, but Hélène does. She calls the shots.
Even though he doesn’t agree, he works to get Pam ready, even going out to buy her new clothes, so she's more approachable. He gives her her assignment. Once there, Pam calls Konstantin for consult, as her mark is really nice. He tells her, not to ask questions, not to think, just to do. He really would make a good therapist. 
Later in the season, Carolyn flashes back to the 1970s when she was a part of a group of revolutionaries. She gets romantical with one of its members, who turns out to be a Russian spy. We should mention his name is… Konstantin. Yep, the same Konstantin. Now we know how far back Carolyn and Konstantin go. And it’s quite far. 
Current day, Carolyn reaches out to Konstantin for help in tracking down the leader of the group, Lars. And Konstantin obliges. He doesn’t have the exact answer, but he points her in the right direction.
We’re seeing a theme here, Konstantin does look out for himself, but he's also loyal.
Do you feel like you know Konstantin a bit better now? We have two more episodes to go!