8 Anna Chancellor Roles to Catch-Up On

You may know Anna Chancellor by the affectionate nickname Duck Face, which her character earned in the classic movie Four Weddings and a Funeral, opposite Hugh Grant. Since then she's made some huge moves, including the recent update that she'll be starring in BBC America's The Watch:


In the meantime, let's take a look at where else we can catch-up with this stellar actress:

1. The Hour (2011-2012)


Also a BBC America series, The Hour tells the story of the first TV channel in England and how it came to be. Ben Whishaw stars as a journalist, with Romola Garai taking on the role of a producer. And who's running the show? Oh, that'd be Chancellor. She oversees all the goings-on as the head honcho Lix Storm.

2. Fleming (2014)


Fleming — another BBCA series (we're not doing this on purpose) — is a biopic revolving around Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond. The limited series covers his early days, when Fleming himself was a spy. Chancellor takes on the role of Second Officer Monday. We suppose she's the equivalent of "M" in the Bond series, except she came first. 

3. Pramface (2012-2014)

Pramface is a comedy revolving around a young girl (Scarlett Alice Johnson), who meets an even younger guy (Sean Verey), and the two end up making a baby, unexpectedly. These two newbie parents are thrown into a totally new life, but the girl's mum is on hand to help out, played by Chancellor. You may be aware, but just in case, "pram" is British speak for "stroller" — which helps explain the name of the series. 

4. Shetland (2016)


The Shetland crime drama revolves around DI Jimmy Perez (Douglas Henshall), who returns to his native Scotland to investigate a murder. He ends up staying on with the police force, with him and his team continuing to keep order within the island community. Chancellor joined the established cast in season three, taking on the role of Phyllis Brennan. You can check out a scene with Chancellor via the BBC here. 

5. New Blood (2016)


New Blood follows two rookie investigators Stefan (Mark Strepan) and Rash (Ben Tavassoli). They're thrown together when two seemingly unrelated cases overlap. Chancellor steps in as Eleanor Davies, Director of the SFO.

6. Ordeal by Innocence (2018)


Ordeal by Innocence centers on Chancellor's character, Rachel Argyll. Actually, her murder. The story is set in 1954 Scotland at Christmas time. When the Argyll family’s matriarch is found murdered, it’s believed her adopted son Jack (Anthony Boyle) is guilty, and he’s carted off to prison. You can also look for Bill Nighy as the widower, Leo Argyll. The three-part miniseries is an adaptation of the Agatha Christie novel.

7. Trust (2018)


Trust is another series based on family, whose story goes awry. In this biopic, John Paul Getty III (Harris Dickinson) is kidnapped and held for ransom. Donald Sutherland plays his wealthy oil tycoon father, J. Paul Getty. Chancellor doesn't play the mum, as one might guess, but the elder Getty's mistress. Scandal!

8. Pennyworth (2019)


In 2019, we saw Chancellor in the DC Comics series Pennyworth. It's an origin story of Alfred Pennyworth, loyal butler to Thomas Wayne (yep, Bruce Wayne's father). Chancellor takes on the role of Dr. Frances Gaunt, who is a physician and a member of the Raven Society, an underground group planning an upheaval of the U.K. government.

The above is just a snapshot of her more recent work, back in the naughties she also starred in the 1995 Pride and Prejudice miniseries as Miss Bingley. Yep, the BBC adaptation with Colin Firth walking out of the lake in a soaked white dress shirt. And she starred in the classic British mystery series Kavanagh Q.C. from 1995—1997.

Do you have a favorite Anna Chancellor role?