7 Things You Need to Know Going into BBC America's 'Killing Eve' Finale

BBC America's Killing Eve's season one finale premieres this Sunday, May 27 at 8/7c. But in no way is this cat-and-mouse series winding down — it's all coming to a head and we cannot wait.

Who's going to come out on top? Will it be Villanelle (Jodie Comer), the seductive killer for hire? Or, Eve (Sandra Oh), the desk-to-field MI6 agent on her trail? It certainly can't be both... or, can it?

If you haven't been watching Killing Eve, really, you need to get on it — it's just that good. And we're not the only ones who think so; the press interest in KE and critical acclaim has just kept mounting up since the premiere, like this Vice article and The Wall Street Journal's intriguing examination of the series.

Seven episodes have aired so far and you can watch them all via BBC America On Demand, BBCAmerica.com, or the BBCA app.

There are so many genuinely shocking moments that if we tried to cover them all, well, this post would become novel-esque. So instead, we're going to pull out standout moments (SPOILERS AHEAD!) from each of the seven episodes:

1. Warm smiles can be deceiving. 

In the very first scene of episode one, "Nice Face," we learn in just a matter of seconds what assassin, Villanelle, is made up of (and it's not ice cream and rainbows). We see her in a Vienna cafe, smiling adoringly at a small girl. At first glance, it seems she might see herself in the child, or even be daydreaming about having children herself. But, nope, it's actually quite the opposite. She is not a fan and tips the dessert dish off the table into the girl's lap. To make matters worse, no one sees the incident, and of course no one would believe that an adult would do something so atrocious. That's precisely why Villanelle is so good at her job; she goes unseen and, more importantly, unsuspected. This definitely sets the tone and pace for what's to come: nonstop action and drama.

You can watch episode one here. 

2. Eve is on it 

The killer for hire has a counterpart in the form of Eve Polastri, an MI5 agent who's onto Villanelle. Eve is a desk agent, but her instincts kick in as she's going over the details of a recent murder. Her gut tells her the culprit is in fact a woman. She breaks protocol (a move that will get her fired) recruiting her husband's friend who speaks Polish fluently, to translate an interview with a woman who witnessed the execution-style murder and is understandably very rattled. In the second episode, "I'll Deal with Him Later," Eve lands a new job without even knowing the position was vacant. MI6 big wig Carolyn Martens (Fiona Shaw) is aware of Eve's research on female assassins and she's impressed. She wants Eve to track Villanelle and the former MI5 agent accepts the mission. Villanelle is aware of Eve and she's not bothered... she actually likes the attention.

You can watch episode two here. 

3. Villanelle has no conscience

As we mentioned above, Villanelle knows Eve is on her tail, so when she checks into a sexual fetish "clinic" to hone in on a target, she brazenly signs Eve's name, sending a message to the MI6 agent. Now, Eve knows Villanelle knows she knows. Eve isn't fazed and pleads with her supervisor not to take her off the team. Carolyn reminds her, "I can't take you off the team if there is no team."

The problem is, Villanelle knowing who Eve is puts her friends, family and colleagues in danger. Eve has recruited her friend and former MI5 head of security, Bill Pargrave (David Haig), to help her with the hunt. In episode three, "Don't I Know You?" Eve and Bill are tracking Villanelle. Eve sets off to have dinner with a high-profile contact, when Bill spots a young woman, fitting Villanelle's description. She appears to be following Eve. SPOILER ALERT: But, it's a trap. Villanelle wants Bill to see and follow her, thereby separating the two agents. She leads him to a dance club, jam-packed with people partying, then kills him in plain sight using the crowds and noise level as cover. Villanelle had no reason to kill Bill, other than to hurt Eve.

You can watch episode three here.

4. Don't be friends with a psychopath 

Villanelle's handler, Konstantin (Kim Bodnia), is getting frustrated with his young charge. She's supposed to kill under the radar, but she's taking unnecessary risks for her own gratification. In episode four, "Sorry Baby," he says to her, "If you can't play alone, you'll have to play with your little brothers and sisters." Villanelle is sent to England to kill a member of British intelligence where she reluctantly teams up with two other assassins, Diego (Edward Akrout) and Nadia (Olivia Ross). It turns out Villanelle and Nadia know each other from a former life. It seems they were assassins-in-training together and former lovers. Apparently Villanelle doesn't play well alone or with others, because she turns on her fellow assassin, Diego. With a gun on Diego she simultaneously comforts Nadia, telling her, "I was sent to get Nadia. You gave me my way out of there. And now I'm giving you your way out." When we watched the episode, we believed Villanelle when she explained that her mission was to collect Nadia and save her from a life of a low-level hit-woman drudgery and bring her into Villanelle's glamorous arena of high-class missions and Parisian living. Nadia believes her, too, and even volunteers to kill Diego herself because she's sick of him. Now that the girls are rid of the dead weight, and happily reunited, Villanelle tells her friend, "I can look after us both now." You can probably guess what happens from there... It's plain to see, Villanelle's only loyalty is to herself. Lesson learned: never trust a psychopath.

You can watch episode four here.

5. Eve has no fear 

In episode five, "I Have a Thing About Bathrooms," Villanelle is working alone again. She's still in England and on a mission to kill a member of MI5. Eve, coincidentally, is looking for the same man... but for entirely different reasons. The two women's paths finally overlap. Villanelle is running through a field, gun in hand, tracking her mark. He gets to the end of the field, then into the car safely, screaming to Eve to start the car. Eve pulls away, but then, she screeches to a stop, telling her colleagues, "I'm going to talk to her." What?! That's exactly what her terrified passengers exclaim, too. Eve believes Villanelle is waiting for something and wants to talk to her. So she gets out of the car and comes face to face with her target. Villanelle is just as intrigued by Eve as the MI6 agent is by her. The initial meeting goes surprisingly well, but later in the episode, when Villanelle breaks into Eve's home to have a sit-down dinner, she's a little shaken up. Villanelle claims to want Eve's help getting out of the killing business. She even tears up. But Eve calls her out on her bulls--t, and, her instincts are absolutely correct. Villanelle turns off the waterworks just as quickly as they started. Then, Villanelle reveals something to Eve, saying, "We may work for the same people." Hmm, could that be true?

You can watch episode five here. 

6. You can never go home again 

When Eve is researching Villanelle, she discovers her real name is Oksana and she was once imprisoned as a teenager for a very brutal murder. She believes Oksana's bosses found her there and trained her to be the emotionless killer she is today. Villanelle is almost robot-like and has total control of the situations she's in, until... episode six. In "Take Me to the Hole," she's asked to return to the Moscow prison that once held her, with the plan to kill a prisoner who knows too much. Villanelle isn't up for it, but she goes along with the plan, trusting Konstantin, who gives her orders. Villanelle completes her kill, but when she tells the people in charge at the prison to contact Konstantin for her release, they have no clue who or what she's talking about. And no one can hear her demands in solitary confinement. This girl has lost her control.

You can watch episode six here. 

7. There is no loyalty in the spy game 

By episode seven, Eve's MI6 supervisor Carolyn is less than impressed with her new employee. Eve is flustered when she gets some pushback from Carolyn, announcing, "You told me to find her. That is a job that you gave me." Carolyn seems irritated, telling Eve, "Yes. And I can take it away." Ooh, those are some fighting words. Eve has a new lead on Villanelle, but Carolyn isn't interested in pursuing it. Which does raise some red flags in episode seven, "I Don't Want to be Free." Now, Eve goes rogue. The intrepid agent ignores her orders to return to London and stays in Moscow to investigate. She finds the wife of the man Villanelle killed as a teen, who turns out to be Villanelle's former teacher. Eve wants to learn what happened to Villanelle to make her this way. And where's Villanelle while this is all going on? Oh, still in prison. Her supposedly devoted Konstantin left her there. Let's just say, if Villanelle is released, by her own will or with some help, her next self-appointed job will be to find Konstantin and his family. He should probably have known better than to mess with this particular psychopath.

You can watch episode seven here. 

We have no idea how this is going to end, but, we can't wait to find out. Here's a sneak peek of episode eight,  "God, I'm Tired:"

If you want to watch Killing Eve from the beginning, the first seven episodes are available at BBC America On Demand, BBCAmerica.com, or the BBCA app.

You can watch the finale "God, I'm Tired," this Sunday, May 27 at 8/7c.

We're not ones to over-promise, but we're confident it'll be packed with explosive scenes... Eve and Villanelle are not done yet.

Are you ready for the finale of Killing Eve?