10 TV Shows We Want to Watch with Konstantin From 'Killing Eve'

Things are getting dicey for Konstantin in season three of Killing Eve. When we last saw him, he was packing in a rush, ready to flee. He does not have time to sit around and watch TV at this point in his life. But, if he makes his escape to Cuba, we think he'd enjoy this list of programs.

Let's just hope we can hear the dialogue over his delightfully robust chuckle:

1.  The Americans


Set during the Cold War, The Americans follows a typical suburban married couple (Matthew Rhys, Kerri Russell), living a typical life with their two children. Or, so we're led to believe. Actually, they are Russian transplants, working as spies in the U.S. Konstantin would probably get a kick out of watching his compatriots pull a fast one on their peers.

2. Counterpart


Counterpart is a hybrid of espionage and sci-fi. When a low-level agent (J.K. Simmons) realizes the Berlin-based United Nations organization he works for has access to an alternate universe, he makes a visit to the other side. There, he meets a better version of himself. We have a feeling Konstantin might want to take a break from his world, where things are getting very tense. 

3. Breeders


Konstantin has a 12-year-old daughter, Irina, and she is a handful. She bosses him around and doesn't realize that her actions have consequences. He may enjoy the series Breeders starring Martin Freeman and Daisy Haggard. Their two children are a bit younger, but even so, these parents are also at their wits' end. 

4. The Night Manager 


The AMC adaptation of John le Carré‘s The Night Manager is set at a high-end hotel in Switzerland. Tom Hiddleston stars as Jonathan Pine, a former British soldier who is now working as a night manager at the luxurious hotel. When he comes in contact with an arms dealer, he has to switch gears. Konstantin would probably enjoy the action, but from a friendly distance. 

5. Doctor Who 

The long-running sci-fi series follows a time-traveling alien Timelord, played by different actors every few years. The Doctor gets into a lot of tricky situations and then gets out of them. Konstantin is currently in some hot water and doesn't necessarily know how to escape, so he might want to borrow the TARDIS to time-travel back for a do-over. 

6. Dark Angel 


Konstantin works as a handler for killer-for-hire Villanelle. The two-part miniseries Dark Angel is based on author David Wilson's book Mary Ann Cotton: Britain's First Female Serial Killer. Joanne Froggatt takes on the role of the Victorian serial killer. After watching Dark Angel, Konstantin may have a better handle on how to handle Villanelle.

7. Seinfeld 


Seinfeld revolves around four friends — Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer — with other characters popping in and out. Killing Eve revolves around four "colleagues" — Eve, Villanelle, Konstantin, Carolyn — with other characters popping in and out. While Konstantin is a part of the spy game, he has a great sense of humor and a love for the people around him. It might be nice for him to see what a group of friends are like, sans murder (but not sans selfishness).

8. The Blacklist 


In the Blacklist, we see career criminal Raymond Reddington (James Spader) turn himself in to the FBI after decades of eluding them. He agrees to work as an informant, turning in a list of criminals and their activities, in exchange for immunity from prosecution. Konstantin is on the brink of giving up and finally letting himself get caught. There's a caveat, though... the people looking for Konstantin are also criminals, not law enforcers. They aren't going to be as agreeable as the FBI.

9. Four Seasons in Havana 


As briefly mentioned above, Konstantin has plans to seek refuge in Cuba. Four Seasons in Havana is based on Cuban novelist Leonardo Padura Fuentes' The Havana Quartet. Set in Cuba's capital, the series follows detective Mario Conde (Jorge Perugorría) as he solves crimes and navigates his own police force. This will help Konstantin get to know his new city... if he ever makes it there.

10. Killing Eve 

And, finally, we'd love to sit down and watch Killing Eve with Konstantin. It'd be fun to get his insider opinion, looking in from the outside. He seems to be pretty involved and a step ahead of most, like when he realized Charles Krueger's widow had information on who stole the six million pounds from the Geneva account. But, at the same time, some perspectives will be thrillingly new to him, and we'd love to watch his reaction in real time.

What TV show do you want to watch with Konstantin?