10 Times We Loved Watching Sandra Oh Before 'Killing Eve'

Sandra Oh has been killing it – sometimes quite literally – as Eve Polastri in BBC America's Killing Eve since 2018, winning a Golden Globe and SAG Award for her performance. Season three continues Sunday at 9pm EST (and you can watch episode one for free here), but in the meantime, here's a reminder of some of Oh's most memorable pre-Killing Eve roles.

Grey's Anatomy

Before Eve Polastri, Oh's signature role was surely the intelligent and driven – but sometimes kind of tactless – surgical fellow Dr. Cristina Yang. Oh actually originally auctioned to play Miranda Bailey, the part which went to Chandra Wilson, but there's no doubting she landed the Grey's role she was meant to play. She stayed with the show for ten seasons, earning a Golden Globe award and five Emmy nominations for her portrayal.



Oh delivers a stellar supporting performance in this Oscar-winning road movie about a couple middle-aged guys (Paul Giamatti and Thomas Haden Church) cruising through Santa Barbara County wine country. She plays Stephanie, a sparky wine pourer who who has a pretty wild affair with Church's character Jack. It's definitely a film to enjoy with a glass of Chardonnay.


Rabbit Hole

Oh is brilliantly restrained in this moving indie film from Hedwig and the Angry Inch director John Cameron Mitchell. She plays Gabby, a woman who, like Nicole Kidman's lead character Becca, has suffered the tragedy of losing a child. Gabby and Becca's husband Howie (Aaron Eckhart) bond in group therapy sessions, providing the film's lighter moments as well as some poignant ones.


Double Happiness

Oh's big breakthrough came in this 1994 Canadian movie from writer-director Mina Shum. She's perfectly cast as Jade Li, a likeable 22-year-old actress struggling to balance her career ambitions with the wishes of her traditionally-minded Chinese-Canadian family. Oh won a Genie Award for her performance as Li, her first ever lead screen role.


Last Night

Oh won her second Genie Award for her performance in this Canadian black comedy movie set six hours before the end of the world. She's in heartbreaking form as Sandra, a woman desperately trying to make it across town so she can see her husband Duncan (David Cronenberg) before the impending apocalypse destroys everything.



Oh and Anne Heche have an absolute blast in this underrated 2017 comedy movie. They play a pair of former college friends who have a Dynasty-style catfight when they meet again years later, kicking off a serious rivalry which stretches on for several years. Some of the action scenes definitely stood Oh in good stead for Killing Eve a year or so later.



Oh's first series regular role came in this HBO sitcom which ran for seven seasons in the late '90s and early '00s. She plays Rita Wu, whip-smart personal assistant to Robert Wuhl's sports agent Arliss Michaels, a part which gives her lots of opportunities to show off her gift for physical comedy.


Meditation Park

Oh reunites with Double Happiness director Mina Shum for this touching 2017 film exploring the immigrant experience through a 60-year-old woman's belated coming-of-age. She plays Ava, the spirited first-generation daughter who helps mother Maria (Cheng Pei Pei) to establish her own independence nearly 40 years after moving from Hong Kong to Vancouver.


Hard Candy

This 2005 thriller is essentially a cat and mouse game between a clever teenage vigilante (Ellen Page) and a man she suspects of being a sexual predator (Patrick Wilson). Oh has a memorable extended cameo as a nosey neighbor who briefly interrupts their battle of wills, and even came up with her character's name, Judy Tokuda.


Sesame Street

Yes, really! Oh guested in a 2011 episode of the iconic kids' show as the "Fairy Cookie Person," and the results are every bit as adorable as you'd expect.


Which are your favorite ever Sandra Oh performances?