10 Shows We Want to Watch with 'Killing Eve's Carolyn Martens

Fiona Shaw takes on the role of the formidable MI6 head honcho Carolyn Martens in BBC America's Killing Eve. We imagine it must be hard being the boss. But, if it is, she doesn't show it.

Carolyn seems to flourish as an authority figure, and she is a fair leader... for the most part (excluding the time she tricked Villanelle and Eve into killing a mark). In season three, though, she's knocked down a notch after going slightly rogue, with a new supervisor being brought in to keep her in check.

She's bounced back, but even so, she might appreciate some suspenseful TV to keep her in her element:

1. Homeland


Claire Danes stars as CIA agent Carrie Mathers in the long-running political drama Homeland. In the first season, she believes an American prisoner of war (Damian Lewis), who has recently been released and returns to the U.S., has actually been brainwashed by his captors. We suspect Carolyn can relate to corruption happening on the inside of a government agency.

2. Doctor Foster 


Doctor Foster revolves around a successful career woman, working as a general practitioner, who is also a wife and mother. She seems to have it all. But, there is one flaw in her life plan... her husband strays and goes out with another, much younger, woman (coincidentally played by Killing Eve's Jodie Comer). Carolyn has a handle on work, but her own family life is also in disarray.

3. The Bay  


The Bay revolves around a woman (Morven Christie) who goes out for a night on the town and ends up having a one-night stand. When she goes to work the next day as a family liaison officer, she learns two children are missing. And, her hookup from the night before is their father and a suspect. It makes us think of Carolyn and Konstantin getting friendly behind closed doors.

4. Silent Witness 


The long-running series Silent Witness, now in season 23, is based on a forensics team that finds their clues from corpses. They believe someone has to stand up for the dead. Carolyn's main initiative is tracking serial killers (in season two, we see Villanelle has some competition with another murderess on the loose) and in some situations the only evidence she has is their kills.

5. Line of Duty 


The police procedural drama Line of Duty, which currently airs on AMC, isn't your typical cop series. Set in the police anti-corruption unit AC-12, the team's sights are on an upstanding officer who has a spot-on record for solving crimes and bringing criminals to justice. Actually, his record is a little too good, and he's on the radar. We could just see Carolyn chuckling at his being messy.

6. Vera 


DCI Vera Stanhope (Brenda Blethyn) is highly intelligent, very clever and... beyond dry. She does not sugar coat things, especially when in the middle of an investigation. The seasoned detective has seen it all and she is not one to be rattled. Even so, she is empathetic when having to deliver bad news. Carolyn and Vera would really hit it off, both being such straight shooters in their business.

7. Ozark


We have a feeling Carolyn would get a kick out of seeing what's going on stateside. Like in Ozark, when a Chicago-based financial advisor (Jason Bateman) unexpectedly moves his family to the Missouri Ozarks. He claims it's to live a simpler life, but really it's a front to launder money for a drug boss he got tangled up with. Carolyn is all about keeping secrets.

8. Deadwater Fell 


We are huge fans of David Tennant, but his latest role is quite scary. In Deadwater Fell, he plays a family man whose wife and daughters are killed in a house fire. The town goes out of their way to support him, but then it becomes apparent that he may have been the one to set the fire. Carolyn isn't one to dilly-dally — we would totally call on her to figure out what happened after a single episode.

9. Anna Karenina 


With Carolyn having spent time in Russia in the 1980s, we think she might enjoy the Anna Karenina miniseries. Based on Leo Tolstoy's 1878 novel, it revolves around Russian aristocrats who are not above betrayal. Elizaveta Boyarskaya takes on the title role of Anna, who strays from her husband and has an affair with a Calvary officer. Carolyn is not above bed jumping, herself.

10. Killing Eve 


And, finally, Carolyn is pretty on top of things when it comes to her team. But, she doesn't necessarily know what everyone gets up to, particularly Eve (Sandra Oh), when she's not around. It would be almost like reality TV, where the cast members do confessional interviews and then everyone can later see what each is saying about the others. Carolyn might be slightly miffed.

What shows do you want to watch with Carolyn?